Shown when you are carrying more than your weight limit allows you to.

Effects of OverweightEdit

  • Randomly deals damage from the weight of your pack; the more you're exceeding your weight limit, the more damage you will take. If you have a good regeneration skill you may be able to carry a slightly "overweight" pack without any danger of dying.
  • Severely reduces speed and combat effectiveness. If you encounter an enemy while overweight, it is best to drop some of your heavier items and either come back for them later or fight the monster and then retrieve them.
  • Severe damage from getting crushed - do not attempt to go up or down stairs while overweight.
  • Trains Weight Lifting. However staying at burdened is a safer means to accomplish such.
  • If you carry 200% or more than your actual weight limit, you will be unable to move, but may still take damage when attempting to.
  • Inability to use return spells (you'll receive a message saying "Sorry, overweight").

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