Delivery in Black and White Level 10
I need to deliver the letter to the recipient.
Quest giver Siraha the white cloth
Location Ludus
Rec. level 10
Requirements None
Task Deliver letters between Kuron and Siraha.
Reward 1 platinum coin per letter

Delivery in Black and White Level 10 (appearing as Outrageous Revenge Level 2 under English settings) is a repeatable quest given by Siraha the white cloth in Ludus in Elona+.

From: <Siraha> the white cloth, big house in the middle of Ludus.

Reward: 1 Platinum coin per delivery.

Description: Since moving to Ludus, Siraha has lost contact with his friend Kuron, so he decides to send letters to let his friend know how he's doing, and ask the player to make the delivery; too bad that goats have a particular weakness for paper...

This quest is repeatable.

Journal updates Edit

  • Quest accepted (Elona+): I need to deliver the letter to the recipient.
  • Quest accepted (Elona Custom): I need to deliver the letter.

Walkthrough Edit

Simply talk to Siraha in Ludus to accept the quest. Once you receive the letter, take it to the 2nd empty house (of three) on the South side of Palmia, where you will find Kuron. Upon handing her the letter, the quest will continue with her giving you a letter to take to Kuron. This loop may be repeated as many times as you'd like.

The quest remains untranslated as of Elona+ 1.48; however, it's fully translated in Elona Custom.

Dialogue Edit

The following dialogue is taken from Elona Custom.

Siraha's dialogue Edit

Big (sis/bro), you're an adventurer right? My friend who used to live here moved to Palmia in North Tyris. I want you to deliver a letter to her.
Yay. Thanks a lot, Big[sic] (sis/bro)!
Not a chance.
Ehh... What am I going to do then...
Please take the letter to my friend. Her name is Kuron, and she lives in Palmia.
Same dialogue as Kuron's (see below), only replacing all instances of "Shiraha"[sic] and "Ludus" with "Kuron" and "Palmia", respectively.

Kuron's dialogueEdit

[Turning in the letter]
Huh? You have a letter for me?
Yay! I was just getting hungry! Munch munch munch...
Delicious! Mmgh?! O-oh no. I ate the letter from Shiraha[sic]...
Umm, let's see... Take this letter to Shiraha[sic]. Not for free, of course. I'll pay you a platinum coin, so please bring it to him!
Please take the letter to my friend. His name is Shiraha[sic], and he lives in Ludus.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason that the quest continues indefinitely is because both Kuron and Siraha eat the letters before reading them.

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