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Older Sister
287-OlderSister P66-OlderSister
Level 1 Female Roran Archer
Str: 10(Superb) Con: 10(Superb) Dex: 13(Superb)
Per: 12(Superb) Lea: 9(Great) Wil: 6(Good)
Mag: 7(Good) Cha: 10(Superb)
Life: 100 Mana: 80 Speed: 96
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 4 (120%)
Shield: 3 (115%)
Heavy Armor: 4 (120%)
Medium Armor: 7 (185%)
Light Armor: 4 (120%)
Evasion: 9 (190%)
Tailoring: 4 (120%)
Stealth: 4 (120%)
Marksman: 3 (115%)
Literacy: 4 (120%)
Faith: 4 (120%)
Traveling: 3 (115%)
Riding: 4 (120%)
Meditation: 4 (120%)
Magic Device: 3 (115%)
Investing: 2 (110%)
Performer: 3 (115%)

Long Sword: 4 (120%)
Axe: 7 (185%)
Martial Arts: 6 (180%)
Scythe: 4 (120%)
Blunt: 4 (120%)
Polearm: 4 (120%)
Stave: 4 (120%)
Short Sword: 8 (190%)
Bow: 9 (195%)
Crossbow: 9 (195%)
Throwing: 4 (120%)
Firearm: 4 (120%)


Fire: No Resist
Cold: No Resist
Lightning: No Resist
Darkness: No Resist
Mind: No Resist
Poison: No Resist

Nether: No Resist
Sound: No Resist
Nerve: No Resist
Chaos: No Resist
Magic: No Resist

Older sister is a new pet in Elona+ that can be gained by reading a OlderSister's diary. Their names are random, appearing as "(random name) the older sister".

They use a mix of melee and ranged attacks. They have no special abilities, and would probably have to be evolved or given AP abilities to be useful.


Older sisters have two paths of evolution. If evolved into one of the path, it can't be evolved into other path.

Path AEdit

Older sisters can be evolved into a Summer Older Sister with an <evolution heart>, gaining 40 Charisma and 20 speed stat bonuses and a new sprite.

Path BEdit

Older sisters can be evolved into a Small Older Sister with an <another heart>, gaining 20 speed stat bonus, Temper bit, and a new sprite.

Miscellaneous Edit

Stats Edit

  • HP 16
  • MP 6
  • INI 317(96)

Customization Edit

The sprite number for older sister is 287. The portrait number for older sister is 66.

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