For a monster of the same name, see Mutant (NPC).


A living warning of the perils of Gene-Engineering, Chaos, and why pregnant women should not be caught in the Etherwind, most mutants live short and pain-filled lives. Still, one in every thousand not only lives but thrives due to the changes wrought on them. Healing quickly due to their quickened blood, and at least starting out mostly human-like, Mutants are proof that a third hand is always helpful.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Not Bad 5-9
Icon-constitution Constitution Little 3-5
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Little 3-5
Icon-perception Perception Normal 4-7
Icon-learning Learning Normal 4-7
Icon-will Will Not Bad 5-9
Icon-magic Magic Normal 4-7
Icon-charisma Charisma Slight 1-1
Speed 70
Life 100
Mana 100

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

Your body is changing every moment.
Gains a random equipment slot every three levels, up to level 36 (for a total of 12 extra slots). These slots are random and you will eventually get duplicate slots (multiple arm slots, for example).


  • Mutants start with only 4 slots: Chest, Main Hand, Shoot, and Ammo, making them difficult characters to start. Most races start with 13 slots: Head, Neck, Back, Body, Hand*, Hand, ring, ring, arm, waist, leg, Shoot, and ammo.
  • Once the limit of slots is reached, the mutant body becomes complicated, resulting in a 5% loss of Speed for each slots over 13, capping at a maximum of 50%.
  • Mutants cannot gain a duplicate Chest, Shoot, or Ammo slot through their racial ability.

Why should I pick Mutant as my race?Edit

  • The primary boon of the Mutant race is their ability to gain multiple Hand slots, allowing them to "Dual Wield" a large number of weapons at once.
  • Even if they lack the slot for it, they can still gain the Ether Disease which would normally bar the use of the slot (such as that for the Neck, Leg, and Back). In particular, the only major detriment to the Back and Leg Disease is losing access to their respective slot, granting their boon essentially for "free" for those who otherwise lack the slot for it.
  • Although capable of using more than two weapons that other races are restricted to, the dual wielding accuracy penalty gets progressively higher for each extra weapon wielded. See the Dual Wield page for more details. Gloves and Peridots have an innate hit modifier, so the bonuses available to these armors can help offset the aforementioned penalties. As the Hit and Damage bonuses stack additively, Mutants with 4+ Hand (weapon) slots should take advantage of multiple Arm slots to offset the accuracy penalty.
  • With sufficient skill and equipment, a multi-handed Mutant is capable of doing large amounts of damage with every move. If they also happen to "suffer" from Ether Disease induced violence (increasing the damage of each weapon), they are capable of becoming damage gods.

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