Mixing is a command done by pressing the B key. It mixes a potion with another object in your inventory, and is also used to bait fishing poles.

Known CombinationsEdit

  • Any potion + Non-dry well = Refills the well (NOTE: Doing this with the holy well will pollute it)
  • Empty Bottle + Non-dry well = Random Potion
  • Empty Bottle + Holy Well = Holy Water
  • Holy Water + Any Item = Blesses item
  • Poison + Food = Poisoned Food
  • Love Potion + Food = Aphrodisiac Food (Having a pet eat this will raise their impress rating but make you lose 10 karma).
  • Acidproof Liquid + Any Item = Item gains acidproof
  • Fireproof Liquid + Any Item = Item gains fireproof
  • Bottle of Dye + Any Item = Changes the color of the item
  • Bait + fishing pole = baited fishing pole
  • Bottle of antiseptic + food = food which never rots

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