Material kit is a tool that can change the material type of an item. To use them, press the tool key, then select the material kit, then select the item you wish to change. The material kit is destroyed if an item is chosen.

Material kits will always spawn with a material type, with a base weight of 5.0s.

Material kits are the only way to change the material of Godly quality items and living weapons. Non-living miracle quality artifacts can have their material altered by scrolls of change/inferior/superior material.

Material kits can be purchased at the souvenir vendor in Larna (they are very expensive) or found rarely in dungeons. Nightmare!, Minotaur King, and Cat House subquests have material kits as rewards.

Using a material kit on any item marked as 'precious' will not change the material, but instead will re-roll the item completely. This usually has little benefit, but might change one or two of the modifiers on the item assigned randomly.

Material kits have the same sprite as Garok's Hammer, but are colored to match their material.

Changes in Elona+Edit

The material of a material kit can be rerolled by talking with Garokk and paying a scroll of superior material and a small medal. The material can be chosen from a small list, which changes daily based on the in-game date.

Material kits are rewarded in more subquests: Ancient Fire Dragon, Control of Underground Passage, Insect Curse, Removal of Sister.

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