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Magic Device is a magic based skill that improves effectiveness of rods. Players can focus on this skill as an alternative to casting spells to gain easy access to some powerful magic.

In Elona+, potions also train Magic Device and receive a benefit from leveling it up. For example, Potions of Speed would benefit with more turns and more speed. Whether Magic Device affects potions such as Potion of Potential is yet to be determined.

Draw/Fill ChargeEdit

Once you reach skill 16, you will gain the Draw Charge and Fill Charge special actions upon your next level up. Draw Charge destroys rods for charges, while Fill Charge uses drawn charges to recharge spellbooks, rods and blankets.

Note: Elona+ has increased the skill requirement for these actions to level 20.

Training adviceEdit

If you want to train this skill somewhat faster than normal, it's gonna take some fetching, but it'll be worth it. Gather up a bunch of materials, looking for tree trunk looking sample spots for the materials. Use carpentry and make some low level rods, like cure light. Then spam use of these rods for training. Or, just go to puppy cave and grind out some random levels until you get a nice stack of rods, that works too.

Or if you can afford the money, goods stores sell a bunch of random rods, so you can buy those. The fastest and relatively safe way to use up offensive rod charges is by entering a Panic or Challenge quest (that has sturdy monsters with weak attacks) and spamming rods.

If you're playing Elona+, training Magic Device has become much easier. In addition to zapping rods, you can also gain experience by quaffing potions. You cannot train Magic Device through easily obtainable items like snow or dyes.

Trained skillEdit

You may learn Magic Device from the trainers in Port Kapul and Lumiest.




  • #magic d will increase Magic Device by 1 level and train its potential.

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