Long Sword is a strength based weapon proficiency used when fighting with long swords.

  • +1.5 hit rate per level
  • +0.1 damage multiplier per 10 levels

List of long swordsEdit

Sprite Name Damage Notes
claymore varies basic weapon
Long sword
long sword varies basic weapon
katana varies basic weapon
lightsabre 2d5 basic weapon, made of ether
Precious weapons
Hiryu-To new
Hiryu-To 6d6+2 randomly generated
Zantetsu new
Zantetsu 7d7 randomly generated. As of Elona+, randomly wielded by Teachers
Diablo 4d8+8 costs 65 small medals at Miral and Garok's Workshop
Mournblade 3d13+5 wielded by <Orphe> the chaos child on level 45 of Lesimas
Ragnarok 2d18+3 wielded by <Whom dwell in the vanity> in Vernis
The claymore
Claymore 3d14+16 randomly wielded by silver eyed witches
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 3d15+20 randomly generated. As of Elona+, reward for completing the Ancient fire dragon quest.
Elona+ precious weapons
Flame Edge 3d10+20 reward for completing the Guild Quest Level 40 for the Fighters Guild
Storm Bringer 3d11+5 wielded by <Orphe> the chaos follower on level 15 of Rehmido
Moonlight 2d16+1 randomly wielded by Yerles cyborg soldiers
Kindness Blade 8d50+32 wielded by <Blessed Jure>
Grandel 8d6+10 wielded by <Urcaguary>, doesn't drop it upon death. Also, an one-time reward for completing the Mission from knight quest
Housenka 5d10+25 wielded by <Yerleswood Neo>
I1010-The White Hawk
The White Hawk 2d20+12 wielded by <Vessel> the white hawk

Note: the Solar Cane has a lightsabre sprite but is a stave.

Trained skillEdit

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Long Sword.




  • #longs will increase Long Sword by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #longsword will increase Long Sword by 1 level and train its potential.

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