Live in This World Lv50

From <Ssil> the undead witch in Abode of Witch

Reward: kneaded sweet of witch and other items.

The quest requires you to have a deck and has several parts. It is currently unknown how many parts the quest has. For every 50 unique cards you have in your deck and show <Ssil> you will complete each part of the quest. The quest log will not update when you reach the next tier requirement of cards so regularly checking back is recommended. Every time you complete the quest you will be rewarded one kneaded sweet of witch. To make the task manageable it is recommended that you buy card packs from Child Wel who will sell you one card pack containing 5 random cards for 500 Music Tickets.

The rewards for completing each stage are as follows and all include a kneaded sweets of witch:

50: 10 Insight Lenses

100: 7 Potions of Potential

150: 2 Astral Light Pens

200: 3 High potions of Soma

250: 2 High Potions of Nektar

300: 5 High Potions of Disaster

350: 8 High Potions of Aqua Sanctio

400: 5 Flying Scrolls

450: 2 Vials of Hermes Blood

500: 5 Treasure Maps

550: 4 Scrolls of Growth

600: 2 Magic fruits

650: 2 Hero cheese

700: 3 Potions of Descent

750: 2 Happy Apples

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