Developer Unknown?
Website Elona Variant Compendium Wiki
Version 6 (12/08/2014)

LSD is an Elona variant based off the omake variant. Its full name is Elona omake LSD. Some of its features are imported from other variants (like stamina display), but many of them are novel and are centred around drugs and addiction. It adds the addiction status ailment, bad trips, and some narcotic items.

Save files are similar to omake in their compatibility.

To play, place all LSD files with all omake files (version 24/12/2013 or later) as well as Elona 1.22 beta files then run the LSD executable.

Readme Edit

From readme_LSD.txt.

This variant is still in a beta phase, so please backup save files before playing.

Known issue: the game crashes during character creation. Currently under investigation.

Temporary fix: please create new characters with omake and then use them with LSD.

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