<Kuron> the black cloth
89-Siraha P112-Siraha the black cloth
Level 5 Female Catsister Archer
Str: 18(Great) Con: 12(Good) Dex: 32(Superb)
Per: 33(Superb) Lea: 14(Good) Wil: 16(Good)
Mag: 22(Great) Cha: 41(Superb)
Life: 30 Mana: 100 Speed: 220
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 6 (70%)
Two Hand: 8 (76%)
Healing: 6 (70%)
Shield: 5 (67%)
Heavy Armor: 6 (70%)
Medium Armor: 10 (108%)
Light Armor: 6 (70%)
Evasion: 12 (114%)
Tailoring: 6 (70%)
Stealth: 6 (70%)
Marksman: 5 (67%)
Faith: 6 (70%)
Riding: 6 (70%)
Meditation: 6 (70%)
Magic Device: 5 (67%)

Long Sword: 6 (70%)
Axe: 10 (108%)
Martial Arts: 11 (111%)
Scythe: 6 (70%)
Blunt: 6 (70%)
Polearm: 6 (70%)
Stave: 6 (70%)
Short Sword: 11 (111%)
Bow: 12 (114%)
Crossbow: 12 (114%)
Throwing: 6 (70%)
Firearm: 6 (70%)


Fire: No Resist
Cold: No Resist
Lightning: No Resist
Darkness: No Resist
Mind: No Resist
Poison: No Resist

Nether: No Resist
Sound: No Resist
Nerve: No Resist
Chaos: No Resist
Magic: No Resist

<Kuron> the black cloth is an Elona+ unique NPC.

She lives in the lower right end of Palmia, where she appears in the 2nd room down out of a 3 room building after completing the Main Quest. She continues the Delivery in Black and White chain quest along with <Siraha> the white cloth from Ludus.

You can copy her with Astral Light Pen if the conditions are met.



  • cardkuron creates a card of <Kuron> the black cloth.
  • figurekuron creates a figurine of <Kuron> the black cloth.


The sprite number for <Kuron> the black cloth is 89. Her portrait is located at 112 by the character sprite based numbering system (female portrait number 32).


  • Despite belonging to the "catsister" race, Kuron is actually part-goat. The mistake is absent in the japanese version, where the race's name is ケモビト (lit. "kemobito", "kemono bit" or "animal bit").
  • In older versions of the English settings of the game, Kuron's and Siraha's names were mixed up (though their titles were correct).