The official Elona forum has a bug discussion sub-forum here. Rather than discussing bugs here, use this page to present bugs that have been confirmed that it will or will not be fixed and bugs that are critical to gameplay.

Confirmed BugsEdit

  • In 1.14, vomiting NPCs can (extremely rarely) corrupt certain items in your inventory. When you try to view the item, Elona crashes. See [this thread] for details.

Observed BugsEdit

  • In 1.16, it thinks g is being held down even if you haven't pushed it, while Elona is open.
  • An item that "Negates the effects of blindness", does not prevent you from going blind in bad weather on the world map.

"It's a feature"?Edit

  • NPCs will notice you stealing or pickpocketing even though they have no visual line of sight, as long as they are within a certain radius, as if though they "heard" you.
    • Recent version has NPCs "hear" you instead of see you without line of sight. Being heard is also probably less likely than being seen would be.
  • My ether disease "worsened" after using cure corruption potions to remove all ether disease, but before being re-exposed to the etherwind. No disease and no exposure should prevent random outbreaks.
    • You're always slowly accumulating ether disease, even while the Etherwind isn't blowing. Etherwind just greatly speeds the process.
      • It also gets augmented by certain monster attacks.

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