<Kaneda Bike> is a Bike NPC that appears near Moyer the Crooked during the Noyel festival. It can be recruited by speaking to it and giving it three blue capsule drags(sic). Due to its name, battle cries, and the fact that you recruit it by giving it drugs, it clearly is a reference to the comic Akira.

The <Kaneda Bike> doesn't have any special actions or spells, only a melee attack. However it comes with the innate riding bonus and immunity against fear.

Recruitment TipsEdit

You can increase chances to get blue capsules by overloading cargo cart, this will lower your speed on world map to 10, moving slower will naturally increase the number of random events you will encounter, including rogue bosses/minions who drop pills. You would need either to rely on your pets to kill them, or you can drop excessive cargo and fight at full speed. Be careful, rogue wizards can burn dropped cargo with firebolt. If you plan to utilize this strategy, mixing cargo with fireproof liquid would make sense.

If they're too strong, then lower your fame.


Flavor Text Edit





"Relax, it's gonna take some time to warm my engine up."

"Yo, what's up? A fight?"

"Teeee tsuuu oooooo!!."


"My body is too peaky for ya."

"Just hold on Tetsuo. I'm gonna find you to end your pain."

Death *Pan*


  • cardned creates a card of <Kaneda Bike>.
  • figurened creates a figurine of <Kaneda Bike>.


The sprite number for the <Kaneda Bike> is 470.

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