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The Juere are a people wild and free. Scorning the "weaker" laws of others, they quickly learn the tricks and technologies of others before ever moving onwards. Their pride makes them great performers, and are used to being hungry for long periods of time. Nimble of hand, and Bold of character, no two Juere are ever the same.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Normal 4-7
Icon-constitution Constitution Not Bad 4-8
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Great 6-12
Icon-perception Perception Good 5-10
Icon-learning Learning Good 5-10
Icon-will Will Not Bad 4-8
Icon-magic Magic Not Bad 4-8
Icon-charisma Charisma Good 6-11
Speed 70
Life 100
Mana 100

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

Your digestion is slow
This means that you won't be starving very easily as you stay satisfied for days after one meal. Though food isn't hard to come by for the most part, this feat can be useful if you're short on food supplies and halfway through a dungeon.
You can gather more materials.
This is exactly what it says on the tin. Jueres are great when it comes to extracting materials, pulling up anywhere from 4~7 units of anything by the time the spot is dry.

Why should I pick Juere as my race?Edit

  • The Juere has very good stats, with their lowest rating being normal. Meaning they can be rolled as any class and do quite well.
  • Starting with the Performer skill means that you can pick up any instrument and begin playing your heart out. Not a bad way to make some gold later on if you stick with it.
  • Juere have the second-highest Charisma of the playable races (behind only the Fairy), giving them the chance to use many pets that can make up for a lack of martial skills of their own. They also have high dexterity and perception, meaning they make great ranged attackers. Juere Pianists and Farmers can hide behind pets in combat while starting the game with basically all the great platinum-farming skills that let them buy up all the martial skills they need later in the game. A Juere Archer or Wizard, meanwhile, can stay at the range they want while pets block enemies from getting to melee range. Even other classes, like Warrior, are more free to specialize if they have more pets that can specialize in what the player is lacking, like ranged attacks. 

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