Jeweler is a dexterity based skill allows the character to make spell scrolls. A gem cutter is required to use this skill.

Out of all the crafting skills, jeweler is probably the most useful because of how fast you have access to inferior material scrolls and change material scrolls. The materials needed to make these scrolls is also very easy to get and a couple runs in the puppy cave will give you enough materials to make dozens of these scrolls. Of special note is the change material scroll. When blessed, change material scrolls will act almost like superior material scrolls. By making several change material scrolls and blessing them all at once, it is possible to upgrade all of your armors to high level types, making it possible for a low level character to run around with massive amounts of DV/PV. Because of this, be on the lookout for +jeweler equipment (in Elona+, wearing a Peridot on your neck will increase the skill by 6). Inferior material scrolls are adequate until you make Change Material.

Crafted itemsEdit

Type Skill Materials
Identify Scroll 1 Paper x2, Memory Fragment x1
Inferior Material 1 Paper x2, Yelling Madman x1
Minor Teleportation Scroll 1 Paper x2, Charcoal x2, Bird Feather x2
Return Scroll 4 Paper x3, Howling Weed x2, Charcoal x2
Detect Objects Scroll 5 Paper x4, Magic Ink x1, Electricity x2
Teleportation Scroll 7 Paper x3, Charcoal x2, Bird Feather x3
Uncurse Scroll 8 Paper x4, Holy Weed x2, Curse Weed x2
Magic Mapping Scroll 10 Magic Paper x1, Magic Ink x1, Electricity x3
Change Material 13 Paper x2, Generator x1
Piano (cargo) 14 Driftwood x8, Vein x4, Fairy Dust x1
Holy Light Scroll 15 Magic Paper x1, Holy Weed x2, Electricity x3
Holy Veil Scroll 15 Magic Paper x2, Holy Weed x4, Curse Weed x4
Greater Identify Scroll 18 Magic Paper x1, Memory Fragment x2, Magic Mass x1
Holy Rain Scroll 25 Magic Paper x2, Magic Ink x2, Holy Weed x4
Mana Scroll 25 Magic Paper x1, Magic Ink x2, Magic Mass x2
Gain Material Scroll 30 Paper x5, Magic Mass x1, Generator x1
Superior Material 40 Magic Paper x2, Generator x2, Chaos Stone x2

Elona+ ItemsEdit

These items are intended for the "artifact fusion" system, where their attributes are added to an already existing artifact.

Type Skill Materials Effects
Ether mirror 10 Ether fragment x100, Mithril fragment x2 Adds magic resistance[##]
Chaos jewel 10 Chaos stone x100, Fairy dust x2 Adds chaos resistance[##]

Trained skillEdit

You may learn Jeweler from the trainer in Palmia.




  • #j will increase Jeweler by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #jew will increase Jeweler by 1 level and train its potential.

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