Jerky is food that takes a very long time for it to rot. You can make jerky at your ranch by placing a corpse on the 5x2 gray tiles to the south east of the ranch. One corpse can create five pieces of jerky. A piece of jerky will weigh as much as the corpse it was made from. Rotten corpses cannot be used to create jerky.

Turning corpses into Jerky also removes all nutritional bonus from the corpse but also gets rid of any negative effect. i.e. you can make chess piece, zombie, striker, big daddy jerky, and consume it without any penalties. Will be destroyed when exposed to a flame attack (breath, bolt, ball) without protection from a fire blanket.

Pets Eating Corpses Edit

You should also be well aware that your pet will eat anything that it sees, even corpses that you place on dry rocks. If you don't want them to go eating the corpses you place on them, either make them wait at your home, in a town, or tell them to not eat dropped food. Stacking food with other items in a single tile of dry rock, or any other tile for that matter, will make the pet ignore it.