Investing is a charisma based skill that reduces the cost to invest in shops. Investment increases a shops rank, which increases the amount of gold the merchant carries as well as increasing the amount and quality of goods sold. In Elona+ there is also the option to spend more money at once to increase the shop's rank by exactly 50; this not only saves time, but is also cheaper in terms of gold per rank than investing the smaller amount of money over and over again.

The best shop to invest in is the magic shop in order to get more scrolls of change material, Blessed Restore Potions, potions of potential, flying scrolls...

An easy way to increase investing is to hire/fire cheap shopkeepers at your house and invest in them till shopkeeper rank 30-40. If you can't hire shopkeepers at your house, Food shop seems to be the cheapest to invest in.

According to the Japanese Elona:

Shop Amount of Goods (in size of pages) maxed at rank* Amount of Goods (in size of pages) Notable Items
Inn 0 1/2 page None
Fishing Store 0 1/2 page None
Food Store 50 1 page Herbs, Seeds, Fish
Baker 90 3/4 page None
Deed Salesman 100 1 page Easier to get Deeds you want
Magic Shop 100 2 pages Easiest way to gain the best scrolls and potions. Highly recommended
Souvenir shop 100 2 pages Treasure Maps and Potential Potions
Thief guild 100 2 pages Kitty Banks
Furniture Salesman 100 2 pages Godly furniture, gifts.
Firearms Salesman 100 2 pages Guns, BGM, and Computer Furniture
General vendor 2 pages Vindale Cloaks, ammos, furniture, gifts, ores.

Goods vendor

4 pages Equipment, scrolls, deeds, rods, food (seeds and herbs), furniture, gifts.
Armor Shops 120 4 pages Seven league boots and lightsabres.
SpellBook Writer 120 4 pages More books!
Black Market 4000-4500 24 pages (decreased to 1 1/2 pages in latest E+ versions) Amazing equipment. Highly Recommended

Quality of Goods would continue to improve after the listed max rank. The highest rank you can get without a overflow is 2147483647, however you would get a stable game crash when attempting to speak with the shopkeeper.

Trained skillEdit

You may learn Investing from the trainers in Palmia, Port Kapul and Lumiest.



  • None


  • #investing may increase Investing by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Greater Evasion instead.

Technical Details Edit

Note: This info applies to the latest version of Elona+. It may not match with figures from vanilla Elona.

The cost for investing in a shop can be expressed by the following formula: $ \text{InvestCost} = \frac{\min\left(500000, \left[\max(1,\text{ShopRank}) ^ 2 * 15 + 200\right]\right)}{1 + \text{Investing} * 0.1} + 200 $

  • $ \min(a, b) = \text{Returns the smaller of either }a \text{ or }b . $
  • $ \max(a, b) = \text{Returns whichever is bigger out of }a \text{ and }b. $
  • $ \text{ShopRank = The current rank of the shop.} $
  • $ \text{Investing = The player's effective Investing skill.} $

Investing raises shop rank either 2 or 3 points with equal probability - an average of 2.5 ranks per invest. The "Invest 50" option is 20 times the result of the above formula.

The maximum invest cost before factoring invest skill is 500,000 gold, reached at shop rank 183. The minimum is 415 at shop ranks 1 or lower.

Invest 50 is far more gold efficient when the current shop rank is lower than 183 since all 20 invests are calculated using the current shop rank and the cost has not yet reached its cap.

Normal invest will be slightly more gold efficient after rank 182 due to skill gains occurring during the 20 invests rather than afterwards. In practice, single invests after rank 182 are less than 2% more efficient than invest 50.

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