Instruments are items used in the Performer skill. To play an instrument, go to the tool menu, and select your instrument. There is a small chance that general goods stores and the two furniture stores at The Embassy, will have instruments in stock. Party Time! locations will always have instruments to steal and a chance of having additional instruments tossed at you for performing well enough. Also in Elona+, all generic instruments, except the harp, are on display and stealable in a room in Ol-dran.

The Pianist class begins the game with a grand piano.

Note that your pets won't carry instruments for you, since they're furniture, which can increase the rank of your home.

List of instrumentsEdit

A higher quality instrument will generally perform better, though the exact effects aren't known.

Sprite Instrument Weight Quality
I76-Goulds Piano Gould's Piano 45.0 200
I76-Grand Piano Grand Piano 45.0 200
I699-Stradivarius Stradivarius 4.5 180
I395-Harp Harp 30.0 175
I392-Pan flute Pan Flute 18.0 150
I292-Upright piano Upright Piano 29.0 150
I393-Lute Lute 8.5 130
I224-Horn Horn 6.5 110
I394-Harmonica Harmonica 0.8 70
Elona+ additions
Sprite Instrument Weight Quality
I931-Melodyus <Melodyus> 0.5 5-250
I727-Wadaiko Wadaiko 10.0 175
I56-Serpent Serpent 12.0 140
I58-Recorder Recorder 0.9 100
I59-Ocarina Ocarina 0.6 70


If a player is overweight, the performance can be interrupted by the crushing damage. An alternative is to drop your instrument and press return, allowing you to use anything at your feet.

Be careful if you leave your instrument on the ground outside of your house for a few days or if a Party Time! quest ends with your instrument on the ground, it will disappear.