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Imps are flying enemies which teleport around and cast single-target Dart-type spells. They have high evasion, but low health; they are easily killed by most types of damage spells or auto-hitting special actions. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous even to mid- or high-level characters; a repeated peppering of Dart spells hurts!

Types of ImpEdit


Casts magic dart and short teleport.

(my addition, hopefully as ive said elsewhere someone will pretty this up, and its another scroll of ally summon, for Elona+)

level 8

str 20 good

con 18 bad

dex 22 hopeless

per 20 hopeless

ler 8 hopeless

will 20 hopeless

mag 22 good

chr 16 bad

hp/mp 64/51

life/mana 120/120

speed 102

tactics 8/57

healing 8/57

shield 7/55

heavy at 8/57

medium at 8/57

light at 8/57

evasion 8/57

stealth 8/57

faith 8/57

meditation 8/57

control magic 8/57

negotiation 8/57

long sword 8/57

axe 8/57

martial arts 11/85

scythe 8/57

blunt 8/57

polearm 8/57

stave 8/57

short sword 8/57

bow 8/57

crossbow 8/57

throwing 8/57

firearm 8/57

no resistances

Nether ImpEdit

Second tier of Imp. Casts nether arrow; be wary, as this one usually causes considerably more damage than the basic Imp.

Chaos ImpEdit

Third Imp tier. Casts chaos eye; again, more damaging than the last kind of Imp.

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