Level 138 Female Lich Warmage
Str: 177(Hopeless) Con: 228(Hopeless) Dex: 165(Hopeless)
Per: 224(Hopeless) Lea: 224(Hopeless) Wil: 335(Hopeless)
Mag: 450(Hopeless) Cha: 115(Hopeless)
Life: 80 Mana: 140 Speed: 263
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 94 (1%)
Shield: 89 (1%)
Heavy Armor: 159(2%)
Medium Armor: 159(2%)
Light Armor: 94 (1%)
Evasion: 154(2%)
Stealth: 94 (1%)
Literacy: 94 (1%)
Magic Capacity: 89 (1%)
Faith: 94 (1%)
Meditation: 163(2%)
Casting: 154(2%)
Magic Device: 157(2%)

Long Sword: 159(2%)
Axe: 94 (1%)
Martial Arts: 154(2%)
Scythe: 94 (1%)
Blunt: 94 (1%)
Polearm: 94 (1%)
Stave: 94 (1%)
Short Sword: 154(2%)
Bow: 94 (1%)
Crossbow: 94 (1%)
Throwing: 94 (1%)
Firearm: 94 (1%)


Fire: Weak
Cold: Superb
Lightning: Superb
Darkness: Superb
Mind: Superb
Poison: Superb

Nether: Superb
Sound: Superb
Nerve: Superb
Chaos: Superb
Magic: No Resist

Hel is an enemy appears in the Elona+ version of Elona. She is a powerful "Lich" spellcaster. She is weak to fire.

She casts Magic dart and Nether Arrow, while closing in to attack in melee.



  • cardhel creates a card of hel.
  • figurehel creates a figurine of hel.


The sprite number for hel is 587.


Hel was the Norse goddess of the frozen land of the dead, and a daughter of Loki.

She was completely dispassionate, and had a face that was half that of a beautiful young woman, and half that of an old crone. Her sprite has her hair swept over half her face to reflect this.