Healing is a constitution based skill that increases the rate at which you passively recover HP. In addition to training by recovering lost health, healing may be improved by a special dream or by eating a troll corpse.

A relatively safe way to train healing is by carrying enough inventory that you are overweight. You will be hurt while moving but, as long as the weight isn't too heavy, you won't be killed because you'll heal over time. Another great way to train Healing is to carry around equipment that has the  "It sucks the blood of the wielder" attribute. You will bleed every so often which you will just heal back, but be careful around monsters such as Iron Maiden, extra bleeding can cause you to get a "Hemorrhage" status.

It can also be trained while training spell levels, by over-casting just enough to hurt you a bit that you can heal together with your MP.

Trained skillEdit

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Healing.




  • #heali will increase Healing by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #ealing may increase Healing by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Traveling instead.

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