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Hands are rather annoying monsters. They move slowly, but the main thing about them is their Draw Shadow special action, which teleports you to them; not much on its own, but if they are in the middle of a crowd of monsters then you may be in for a fight. Be warned, they can rarely use Touch of Weakness.

Hand-type monsters have the skill Eye of Mind, and may be worth capturing if you wish to pass on this skill to your own pets via Gene Engineering.

Eating a corpse of a hand-type monster will improve Strength.

Types of Hand Edit

Hand of the Dead Edit

Hands of the Dead are a very simple enemy. They can do two things: use Draw Shadow on you if you are not in melee distance, and melee you if you are within reach.

Hand of Chaos Edit

Hands of Chaos are like Dead Hands, but with a stronger attack.

Hand of the Murderer Edit

Hands of the Murderer may come as a nasty surprise to lower-leveled characters,as they can cast Mist of Frailness on you, which halves PV and DV for some time. They can also hit far harder. Thankfully, they still are not very mobile, so if they use Draw Shadow, just walk away and continue your ranged attacks on it.

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