I365-Handful of snow

Handfuls of snow are items with a variety of uses: you may use them on yourself (throw it at yourself) for the Wet status effect (No longer applies in 1.54), throw them on the floor to reveal invisible creatures, or press t to stack five of them to build a snow man. You can either randomly find them or head to Noyel and press g on an empty patch of ground. You must be in Noyel and standing on snow to pick up a handful of snow; snowy ground anywhere else doesn't work. Picking up a handful of snow consumes 10 points of stamina. It is currently unknown whether blessed or cursed status has any effect on snow man quality. When quaffed, they are equivalent to water and are a recommended item to treat anorexia.

Handfuls of snow weigh 0.0 and never melt. The inventory screen categorizes them with potions.

Flavor Text Edit

When NPCs throw snow or get hit by snow, the game will display these flavor text. However, this doesn't apply when player throw or get hit by snow.

Throwing Snow


"Eat this!"



"Watch out!"

"Fire in the hole!"

Throwing Snow

at Ebon the fire giant

"Filthy monster!"

"I'll get rid of you."

"Go to hell!"

Hit someone





"You'll pay for this."

"Now you did it."

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