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Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: None Icon-constitutionCon: Slight Icon-dexterityDex: Little
Icon-perceptionPer: Not Bad Icon-learningLea: Little Icon-willWil: Little
Icon-magicMag: Slight Icon-charismaCha: None
Starting Skills

Lock picking
Disarm Trap

Gunner (機工兵 kikōhei) is a class for gun using NPCs. The class is unavailable to the player in vanilla Elona; however, it is an option in Elona+

The Elona+ version of the class adds the skills listed here in order to make the class "balanced" for consideration by the player. The standard Elona version only had Perception, Marksman, Firearm, and maybe Healing and Evasion, since they were meant to be only for throwaway NPCs that just attacked with guns.


The description is untranslated in game:

機工兵は機械兵装の扱いに習熟した職業です。主に銃器を用いた遠隔戦闘を得意とします。*[弾幕] 追加射撃の発動率上昇。

Tentative translation:

The gunner is a character who has mastered the use of firearms. His strong point is ranged combat using small arms. *[Barrage] grants a higher rate of fire.

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Class FeatEdit

In Elona+ There was added Class Feats, in which each class got a special bonus, the Gunner got:

Name Effect Remarks
[Barrage] Chance of an additional ranged attack Can trigger even if the player does not already have a chance of an additional ranged attack from an item. (5%)

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