There are three guilds in the world of Elona, the Thieves' Guild, the Mages' Guild and the Fighters' Guild. To gain access to a guild you must first speak to a guild representative and complete the quest they give you. You may only be in one guild at a time. Each guild headquarters has all the standard NPCs (e.g. healer, salesman, trainer, etc) and will be safe from guards while inside.

If you gain entrance to a guild without permission (e.g. teleporting the watchman away), you may use a scroll of incognito or a disguise kit to reset the status of the guild to neutral. Even after expiry you will be able to use guild service as if you were a member, excluding quests, the Thieves' Guild fence and reserving spellbooks in Mage's Guild. If you're using incognito, don't Save & Exit inside a guild after incognito expires or the guild NPCs will be hostile the next time you play.

You can change guilds at any time you want, simply by completing the recruitment test for another guild. Switching guilds deletes all progress in guild quests and nullifies rank.

Info on different guilds can be found here:Edit


  • Before you join a guild, all 3 Guild Trainer can visit you, but once you join a guild, only the one from your guild will visit you.

Elona+ changesEdit

  • Elona+ adds guild quests, which can be undertaken at rank 5.
  • Spell writer can reserve spellbook of domination and spellbook of feather.
  • Membership in Fighter's Guild halves cost of blacksmith's enchantment.
  • As of version 1.39, Guild Leaders will no longer be tricked by using Incognito. If the player enters the guild without permission, the leader will attack as soon as they are in the area.
  • Some books that were unavailable for reservation in the Mages' Guild can now be reserved. A high shop rank with the spell writer may be needed for the books to appear however.

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