(random name) the goose
Level 8 Servant Fencer (Claymore)
Str: 26(Good) Con: 15(Bad) Dex: 22(Good)
Per: 20(Good) Lea: 12(Bad) Wil: 12(Bad)
Mag: 17(Bad) Cha: 12(Bad)
Life: 90 Mana: 150 Speed: 116
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 15 (81%)
Two Hand: 17 (85%)
Healing: 17 (85%)
Shield: 7 (49%)
Heavy Armor: 8 (51%)
Medium Armor: 8 (51%)
Dual Wield: 8 (51%)
Light Armor: 15 (83%)
Evasion: 18 (88%)
Stealth: 8 (51%)
Greater Evasion: 8 (51%)
Literacy: 8 (51%)
Faith: 8 (51%)
Meditation: 8 (51%)
Casting: 8 (51%)
Negotiation: 7 (49%)

Long Sword: 17 (85%)
Axe: 8 (51%)
Martial Arts: 13 (79%)
Scythe: 8 (51%)
Blunt: 8 (51%)
Polearm: 8 (51%)
Stave: 8 (51%)
Short Sword: 8 (51%)
Bow: 8 (51%)
Crossbow: 8 (51%)
Throwing: 13 (79%)
Firearm: 14 (81%)

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Neutral?
Preferred Distance: 1
Movement Chance: 100%
When Below 25% HP: No Action
Basic Secondary (5%)
Melee Attack Feather

Goose is the first reward from worshiping Yacatect of Wealth, and like their god, exclusive to the Elona+ version of Elona.

They also can be found in Ol-dran as friendly NPCs, providing a variety of services, and in Sacred Library of Irva as neutral NPCs. They cannot be dominated nor captured. They can, however, be copied with an Astral Light Pen if the conditions are met.

In combat, they attack from melee, and can use Feather to buff themselves.

They have the unique ability to occasionally lay platinum coins after eating, similar to the Cute fairy's seed-laying ability. It seems that this ability does not activate from flour-based foods, and has a higher chance of activating from meat-based foods.

In later versions, geese had their class changed from claymore to fencer, a cosmetic rename that led to only slight changes in base skill levels. They still fight as melee pets, and retain the claymore's class feat.

Unique abilityEdit

When it eats food as an ally, it will lay two platinum coins if conditions are met.

  1. Food needs to be good enough.
    • Geese only lay for good quality food: Herbs, corpses, cooked food, and rotten cooked food.
    • Geese do not lay for low quality food: Non-cooked fruits or vegetables, or non-cooked rotten corpses.
  2. The player needs to have slept since the last time you claimed two platinum coins from it's ability.
    • Geese only lay two platinum per sleep.


533-Goose(GodHeart)Geese can be evolved into a Golden Goose with a <god heart>, gaining 10 constitution, 20 perception, 10 learning, 10 magic, 50 speed, the Platinum Song special action, and a new sprite.


Stats Edit

  • HP 42
  • MP 60
  • INI 391(116)


  • cardgoos creates a card of goose.
  • figuregoos creates a figurine of goose.


The sprite number for goose is 326.

Trivia Edit