While certainly not a natural creature, the flows of the Etherwind have ingrained into them a spark of sentience. Strong as a team of oxen, and as tough as the rock they were sculpted from, those are pretty much the only strengths of a Golem. The wizards that made them wanted only laborers, not poets. Still, a Golem can slowly get better, and thankfully they lack the wit to even become bored doing so.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Good 5-10
Icon-constitution Constitution Best 7-14
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Little 2-4
Icon-perception Perception Little 3-5
Icon-learning Learning Little 2-4
Icon-will Will Not Bad 5-9
Icon-magic Magic Normal 3-6
Icon-charisma Charisma Slight 2-3
Speed 45
Life 150
Mana 70

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

You have strong resistance to poison.
Strong resistance to poison (3).
You won't be dim.[sic]
Cannot be dimmed.

Why should I pick Golem as my Race?Edit

  • Starting with their particularly chiseled physique (heh), golems are essentially going to have twice as much health as most other characters starting out, and tie for strongest in the game. In exchange, they suffer a painful penalty to speed (moving around 2/3rds the speed of most races), but this can be partially compensated for. Bonuses to speed, such as through wearing glass items, are absolute bonuses to speed, not percentage-based, so it may be worth forgoing some PV to gain speed items like glass and spirit cloth, and rely upon your sheer health to carry you through. The fact that golems can carry a lot of weight with their high strength, constitution and starting Weight Lifting helps, as you won't be burdened as often as other races.
  • Their immunity to dim is unavailable through any other means, and is basically invincibility against an entire class of attacks on top of their huge health reserves. Some forms of insanity, however, may still affect a golem.
  • It may be slow going, but you can eventually create a warrior or archer type that has an alarmingly potent capacity to soak up damage. If you apply yourself, you could even make a Priest that can buff and heal itself to make the most of their tremendous damage-soaking capacity. A golem who gains charisma enough to bring along a small entourage of powerful attack pets can basically be a complete tank, soaking up the damage that would kill their pets as the rest of the small fry dart around.
  • Charismatic performer golems may seem a strange sight, but building up a following of pets that can make up for the damage you give up with the lack of slow. Pianist golems have no trouble at all carrying a piano from town to town, with the toughness that compensates for the class's poor combat abilities, and the capacity to grind platinum to buy their way to the combat skills they'll need later.
  • A Golem Wizard seems like a poor choice, but the fact that they cannot be dimmed will be a great asset later in the game. It will make the early game a bit of a slog, but definitely a worthy investment if you plan on going through the Elona+ content. Pick up a piece of equipment that prevents confusion and you'll never die from an accidental overcast, which is the leading cause of mage deaths.

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