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gold bell
Level 1 Metal
Str: 4(Bad) Con: 1(Hopeless) Dex: 3(Bad)
Per: 35(Superb) Lea: 2(Hopeless) Wil: 4(Bad)
Mag: 4(Bad) Cha: 18(Superb)
Life: 1 Mana: 100 Speed: 652
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 4 (120%)
Shield: 3 (115%)
Heavy Armor: 4 (120%)
Medium Armor: 4 (120%)
Light Armor: 4 (120%)
Evasion: 4 (120%)
Stealth: 4 (120%)
Greater Evasion: 4 (130%)
Magic Capacity: 4 (120%)
Faith: 4 (120%)
Meditation: 4 (120%)

Long Sword: 4 (120%)
Axe: 4 (120%)
Martial Arts: 5 (175%)
Scythe: 4 (120%)
Blunt: 4 (120%)
Polearm: 4 (120%)
Stave: 4 (120%)
Short Sword: 4 (120%)
Bow: 4 (120%)
Crossbow: 4 (120%)
Throwing: 4 (120%)

Despite their low attributes and skills, gold bells dodge surprisingly well. Killing them will yield significant amounts of gold. They have an innate ability to float and innate resistance bonuses against physical and elemental attacks. Riding them incurs the riding penalty due to their small stature.

Changes in Elona+Edit

They are easier to distinguish from other monsters due to a glowing effect added to them (similar to that of gems and special artifacts). They also lose their elemental damage reduction.



  • cardgold creates a card of gold bell.
  • figuregold creates a figurine of gold bell.


  • The sprite number for the gold bell is 252, with a color modifier of 5.
  • To emulate the color tint of the gold bell, linear burn by
  1. f5f3a0.

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