Level 1 Beetle Predator
Str: 13(Superb) Con: 18(Superb) Dex: 13(Superb)
Per: 7(Good) Lea: 4(Bad) Wil: 5(Good)
Mag: 4(Bad) Cha: 3(Bad)
Life: 80 Mana: 80 Speed: 86
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 4 (120%)
Healing: 8 (190%)
Shield: 3 (115%)
Heavy Armor: 4 (120%)
Medium Armor: 4 (120%)
Light Armor: 4 (120%)
Evasion: 4 (120%)
Stealth: 13 (265%)
Sense Quality: 3 (115%)
Detection: 5 (125%)
Eye of Mind: 5 (125%)
Anatomy: 5 (125%)
Faith: 4 (120%)
Meditation: 4 (120%)
Casting: 3 (115%)

Long Sword: 4 (120%)
Axe: 4 (120%)
Martial Arts: 6 (180%)
Scythe: 4 (120%)
Blunt: 4 (120%)
Polearm: 4 (120%)
Stave: 4 (120%)
Short Sword: 4 (120%)
Bow: 4 (120%)
Crossbow: 4 (120%)
Throwing: 8 (190%)
Firearm: 4 (120%)


Fire: Immune
Cold: Immune
Lightning: Immune
Darkness: Immune
Mind: Immune
Poison: Immune

Nether: Immune
Sound: Immune
Nerve: Immune
Chaos: Immune
Magic: No Resist

These NPCs only appear in the Elona+ version of Elona. They appear as part of the mini-quest at the Maid Mansion, both in the kitchen area in the main map, and in the basement alongside the murder cockroaches and the King Cockroach.

They usually (80%) attempt to move to 2 squares away before attacking, despite their only two attacks being melee attacks (95%), and Scavenge (5%).

They have the cResEle bit flag, making them totally immune to all elements other than raw magic.

They appear as the letter G. This is a Japanese censorship joke about how cockroaches are censored sometimes, since gokiburi is the Japanese word for cockroaches.


Gokiburi cannot be evolved.


Wishing Edit

  • cardgok creates a card of a gokiburi.
  • figuregok creates a figurine of a gokiburi.

Customization Edit

The sprite number for gokiburi is 322.

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