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Goblins are for the most part exactly like Yeeks, with many different classes that range from low-level to high-level.

Types of Goblin Edit

Goblin Edit

Just like a Yeek. Basic melee attacker with low HP. Dies very easily. Low-level encounter.

Goblin Warrior Edit

Beefed-up version of the Goblin. Has several times more armor than the regular Goblin. Still quite easy to kill.

Goblin Shaman Edit

Goblin Shamans are almost as annoying as Yeek Archers. They have a fire bolt that will destroy your items, as well as burn the square you're standing on, forcing you to move. They can also curse your equipment.

Goblin Wizard Edit

Another spell caster of the goblin family. They have the ice bolt ability, that will destroy unprotected potions, and cure minor wounds ability. Not as much of a nuisance as the Goblin shaman, unless you cannot out damage their heal.

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