For a monster of the same name, see Goblin (NPC).


If Dwarves are the people of the earth, then the Goblins are the vermin. While clumsy and ugly, there are ever so many goblins about, and more every year. Their scrawny bodies heal quickly, and they love the taste of fish. Their beady little eyes miss little in the dark, and you never want to grapple with them, who knows what diseases you might get.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Not Bad 4-8
Icon-constitution Constitution Not Bad 4-8
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Little 3-5
Icon-perception Perception Little 3-5
Icon-learning Learning Not Bad 4-8
Icon-will Will Normal 4-7
Icon-magic Magic Normal 4-7
Icon-charisma Charisma Little 2-4
Speed 70
Life 110
Mana 90

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

You have resistance to darkness.
Grants some resistance to darkness (2).
You can gather more materials.
Like the Jueres, you can gather more materials at gathering spots.

Why should I pick Goblin as my race?Edit

  • While the Goblin has a handicap in its poor attributes, attributes are not hard to make up for with a little patience. Goblins start out with three skills that are difficult to get class-wise. Mining is a good source of cash and is the easiest way to train Constitution. Fishing is particularly useful since it's very convenient for worshiping Ehekatl. Eye of Mind, meanwhile, is more than a little handy in combat once trained. Thief, Claymore and Archer are good class choices since they have good and varied stat bonuses, and do not rely on magic (which Goblins are bad at). Farmers, meanwhile, can capitalize on goblin's material-gathering prowess to craft the gear that makes up for their initial weaknesses.  
  • In the long-term, racial feats are the most useful aspect of a race and Darkness resistance is nothing to sneer at, but the real benefit is in gathering materials. Goblins and Juere are the only ones that gain this benefit, and while Juere may have a slightly easier start, their reduced need to eat actually gets in the way of using food for its attribute-boosting benefits. Goblins start with lower attributes, but can more than make up for them in the long run with the things they eat. 
  • A goblin who focuses on farming and crafting should be concerned with their low charisma, however. Pets are of tremendous use to characters that do not focus on combat skills, so goblin farmers might want to make learning performer early a priority and try to compensate for their initial weakness in that field. Worshiping Ehekatl early on is another way to compensate for the low charisma, as she boosts this attribute and requires Fishing to obtain favor, an easy task for a goblin.

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