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Furniture are items that may be placed inside your home to increase your house rank. They can be bought from general or goods merchants and found in dungeons; the second and third shop in the Embassy will also sell them, along with special furniture like fridges and heir trunks. Note that your pets won't carry any furniture, save for the few types of furniture which have no effect on house rank.


Prefix Price
Godly x3.0
Heavenly x2.8
Masterpiece x2.6
Royal x2.4
Magnificent x2.2
Maniac x2.0
Bewitched x1.8
Madam's favorite x1.6
Cool x1.4
Lame x1.2
Stupid x1.0
No prefix x1.0

Every furniture item can have a quality rating indicated by a prefix before the name of the piece. The quality and material type of the piece affects its value and how much of a bonus to your house rank it provides.

While stupid furniture has the same cost as normal ones, the game still ranks it higher.


In addition to a quality value multiplier, furniture can also be made of materials that increase its value. Materials can not only multiply the base value of a furniture piece, but also add a straight amount of value after this multiplication. Use of scrolls of inferior material, change material, or superior material can achieve very high value furniture, but currently a bug causes any furniture piece with a prefix (either quality or existent material-work) that is changed using a scroll or material kit to be calculated incorrectly for the worse.

In Elona+ (1.29) the above bug still exists but works backwards, instead causing any furniture with a prefix above Stupid to exponentially increase in value every time its material is rerolled. If the item's value gets high enough, its sell value may drop to 1, and after enough rerolls it becomes unsellable. This can't be exploited for massive amounts of money, however, since NPC shops have limited money and furniture can't be sold in the player's shop.

Cloth, Mica, Paper, and Silk materials instead result in Woodwork furniture, so one cannot use a paper material kit to make ultra-lightweight furniture (beds, barbeque sets) to bring into dungeons. Instead, use Dawn Cloth or Spirit Cloth.

Material Type Multiplier Plus
Adamantium x1.5 2760
Bone x1.875 900
Bronze x1.875 210
Chain x1.875 900
Chrome x1.25 1000
Coral x1.875 720
Crystal x1.5 1920
Dawn Cloth x1.5 2040
Diamond x1.875 3300
Dragon Scale x2.8125 3600
Emerald x1.875 3150
Ether x1.5 2880
Glass x1.5 360
Gold x1.5 1920
Griffon Scale x1.5 2400
Iron x1.25 100
Leather x1.25 300
Metal x1.875 570
Mithril x1.5 1800
Obsidian x1.875 1050
Pearl x1.5 960
Platinum x1.875 1050
Raw x1.25 100
Rubynus x1.5 2400
Scale x1.875 750
Silver x1.875 750
Spirit Cloth x1.5 1800
Steel x1.25 560
Titanium x1.5 1800
Wood x1.25 100
Zylon x1.875 1500

Note that the "plus" values above are game-internal values before all discounts and multipliers one would see in game when buying or selling (negotiation, etc.), and are accurate to the stable Christmas version.

So an Elegant Table (worth 3500) would be worth 7312 when Silverwork (6562 + 750), and worth 7650 when Rubynuswork (5250 + 2400). This is closer than many would expect; it show that for furniture with a high base value, one should prefer to achieve a high multiplier, whereas for lower value furniture, a high plus is better (e.g. windows, small plants).

Furniture TypesEdit

Usable Furniture: In addition to acting as normal furniture, your character may interact with these furniture items. For information on usable items that do not increase house rank, see the other items page.

  • Beds - Usable when your character is sleepy.
  • Chairs - Chairs have 3 options: You may relax in them, assign them to yourself, or assign them to guests. You may do this on any chair in any location, if you assign a chair to guest in your home, they will be generated on the chair square, and you assigned a chair to yourself when you receive a guest, you will teleport to that chair as well. There are several different types of chairs, including square, round, and modern.
  • Cooking Equipment - Kitchens, food processors, food makers, sinks, ovens can all be used to cook food when you have the Cooking skill. The better the cooking equipment, the better chance of you cooking higher-tier food.
  • Discs (blank or music) - Seem to count as furniture when in every type of houses
  • Dressers - Can be used to choose whether or not to show optional pieces of clothing you or your allies have equipped.
  • Kotatsu - Can get into it triggering the line 'It's dark in here!' and the blinded status. Received from a New Year's Gift.
  • Musical instruments - Harps, lutes, pianos, harmonicas and the like can all serve as furniture. You can use them if you have the Performer skill.
  • Rag Doll - Amusingly enough, they can serve the same purpose as chairs.
  • Runes - can be activated to view a list of uploaded player homes (Japanese only, as English home uploader is non-functioning). Acts the same as a moongate except that it allows you to pick your destination. Can not be 'used' in your home, only while in a town.
  • Toilets - Disturbingly enough, these have the same function as Fountains.
  • Training Machines - Same as those found in shelters accessible via an Inn. Weigh 150.0s, so purchase this from a vendor in your home where you want to drop it. Good furniture to have in your home to help pass time during Etherwind.
  • Treasure Machines - Red and Blue Treasure Machines can be used with 100 Yen and 500 Yen coins respectively for treasure balls and rare treasure balls, respectively. (This is probably the best ranked furniture)

In Elona+, some types of furniture can be used (via t) to store various items when in Your Home or the Maid Mansion (Note that this only applies to furniture generated in version 1.42 or later):

  • Bookshelves can be used to store up to 100 stacks of books and scrolls.
  • Racks of potions can be used to store up to 60 stacks of potions.
  • Show cases of breads can be used to store up to 20 stacks of breads.


This furniture type cannot be interacted with and while some may have other uses, the majority do not.

Name Value Weight F-Value H-Value
academic table 1050 4.2s
anemos 920 0.3s
anvil 3500 9.5s
armor 1600 8.4s
bar table alpha 1200 7.9s
bar table beta 1200 7.9s
barn 750 8.2s
barrel 180 3.4s
beaker 80 0.2s
big cupboard 2800 8.9s
big foliage plant 3200 1.2s
big table 2400 5.8s
black board 5000 7.8s
board 240 9.5s
bookshelf 1800 10.2s
bundle of bows 240 1.5s
bundle of weapons 940 2.4s
candle 1500 0.2s
carnation 780 0.2s
cheap rack 1200 9.0s
cheap table 900 6.8s
chest of clothes 1500 6.8s
chochin 2500 0.5s
closed pot 140 0.4s
closet 1500 6.8s
comfortable table 1800 9.8s
craft book shelf 4400 8.6s
craft rack 4500 8.7s
crossroad sign 120 3.5s
cupboard 2400 7.3s
decorated armor 1900 4.4s
decorated cloth 1400 0.8s
decorated window 2400 2.0s
decorative armor 4200 3.8s
dish 120 0.4s
disorderly book 240 0.8s 4 10
dress 1440 1.0s
eastern lamp 3000 7.9s
eastern partition 2000 1.2s
eastern window 3500 1.2s
elegant table 3500 8.6s
figurine of sword 2000 0.2s
figurine of warrior 2000 0.2s
fireplace 45.0s
foxtail grass 1500 0.2s
flower arch 2000 8.0s
flowerbed 1500 4.0s
furnace 4400 45.8s
furnance 8500 68.0s
gazania 750 0.3s
giant cactus 2600 4.2s
giant foliage plant 4500 15.0s
golden pedestal 1200 15.0s
golden statue 3200 21.0s
gorgeous candlestick 800 0.8s
green plant 400 0.8s
inner tube 380 1.5s
Jure's body pillow 0.8s 5 10
lantern 120 0.4s 4 10
large foliage plant 1800 0.3s
lot of accessories 720 0.7s
lot of alcohols 350 0.3s
lot of books 320 0.9s
lot of goods 450 0.8s
map 450 0.2s
menu board 1800 4.5s
messy cloth 430 1.2s
mini snow man 400 8.5s
modern rack 1600 10.2s
modern table 2400 6.8s
money tree 2200 1.2s
mysterious map 380 0.1s
narrow dining table 1200 9.7s
neat bar table 1900 8.5s
neat rack 1480 8.8s
neat shelf 1800 7.6s
nerine 880 0.4s
nice window 1000 2.0s
old bookshelf 1020 8.9s
old shelf 890 7.6s 4 10
open pot 120 0.5s 4 10
partition 1000 1.0s
pentagram 3500 1.8s
pick 160 1.2s 4 10
president's chair 15000 2.4s 2.40 5.00
rack of accessories 2000 7.5s
rack of good 1800 6.8s
ragged table 890 4.5s
rice barrel 500 4.8s
rose 1050 0.4s
sacred altar 1500 15.0s
sage 650 0.3s
server 2400 95.0s
show case of breads 1400 7.8s
sign 100 3.2s
silk cloth 1400 0.3s
simple rack 1400 8.9s
simple shelf 1200 11.0s
small foliage plant 850 0.4s
snow barrel 180 3.4s
snow man 200 8.5s
square window 500 1.5s
stained glass window 1800 4.8s
statue of armor 3600 7.5s
statue of cross 1500 15.6s
storage 14.0s
table 1200 4.9s
towel 320 1.0s
toy 320 0.3s
trash can 1000 8.0s
triangle plant 1500 5.6s
variety of clothes 1800 0.9s
variety of goods 1300 0.8s
variety of tools 1050 0.7s
vase 2000 2.4s
well kept armor 1500 12.0s 0.26< x <0.4
window 700 1.6s

F-Value = Furniture Value before quality prefix (info)

H-Value = Heirloom Value before quality prefix


This type of furniture can be used with the Cooking skill to cook food. Portable cooking tools don't seem to count as furniture.

Name Value Weight F-Value H-Value Cooking Quality
barbecue set 9500 8.2s 225
campfire 1860 12.0s 40
food maker 7800 17.4s 200
food processor 5200 34.0s 200
kitchen 1200 14.0s 100
kitchen oven 1500 14.0s 100
oven 8500 14.0s 150
pot 150 15.0s 60
sink 1100 15.0s 100
sink (modern) 3500 15.0s

F-Value = Furniture Value before quality prefix

H-Value = Heirloom Value before quality prefix

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