I757-Five Horned Helm
The Five Horned Helm is a knight helm. It was added in the 2009 Christmas Edition. It can be rarely obtained as a drop from a New Year's Gift.

Guaranteed AttributesEdit

It weighs 2.4s.
Item-basicIt is made of obsidian.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-basicIt modifies hit bonus by 0 and damage bonus by 8.
Item-basicIt modifies DV by 2 and PV by 7.
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to chaos. [##] (+50)
Item-specialIt reveals religion.
Item-specialIt deals cut damage to the attacker. [####] (180)
Item-specialIt increases the chance of extra ranged attack. [####] (150)
Item-specialIt increases the chance of extra melee attack. [#####] (200)
Item-specialIt protects you from mutation.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


The sprite number for <Five Horned Helm> is 480, with a color modifier of 4 (blue tint).

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