Fake classes are classes introduced in Elona+ that do not serve any true purpose beyond renaming an existing class. As such, these classes do not have any unique qualities, and sometimes even lack the original's class feat. They are also limited to a few number of NPC.

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A renamed Thief class.

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Fencer is a class introduced in Elona+ version. 1.37. Aside from minor stat differences, it functions the same as the Claymore class, including class feat. Is an NPC-only class, but since its purpose is mostly nominal the player can rename their Claymore character a "Fencer".

Some NPC previously listed as Claymore class have turned Fencer class:

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Performer is basically a renamed Pianist. It's the listed class of NPC Karavika and currently exclusive to her.

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564-stag god
Bug : Alice the big ant (id:621) and Mary the insect master (id:622) are assigned to this class, possibly due to their IDs being next to Scholar (id:623) Sophia (id:624), who don't have this custom class).

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Spy is a cosmetic class currently exclusive to the Butterspy. Their stats correspond to the Thief class, but do not have the corresponding class feat.

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Worker is a renamed Tourist. It was introduced as a class renaming for the Miner NPC, and currently exclusive to them.