For a monster of the same name, see Fairy (NPC).
Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strengthStr: Slight 2-3 Icon-constitutionCon: Little 2-4 Icon-dexterityDex: Not Bad 5-9
Icon-perceptionPer: Good 5-10 Icon-learningLea: Not Bad 4-8 Icon-willWil: Not Bad 4-8
Icon-magicMag: Great 7-13 Icon-charismaCha: Great 6-12
Icon-constitutionLife: 40 Icon-learningMana: 130 Icon-speed plusSpd: 120
Starting Skills

Martial Arts
Light Armor

Racial Feats

You have outstanding resistances
You can't wear equipment weighs more than 1s. [DV++]

Fairies are cute, mysterious, and fragile. Compared to the human race, they are gifted with superior skills of using magic and evading. In contrast, the lack of physical power makes it difficult for them to carry even the smallest of things, making it impossible for them to wear equipment weighing more than 1s. Fairies have outstanding resistances to all elements.

The Fairy is a playable character race.

Diminutive, otherworldly beings. They have an intrinsic connection with magical forces, and even those who shun magic count on their keen senses and charming appearance. Their fragile bodies make them prey of anything that could catch them, but catching a Fairy is no easy task.

Fairies are a challenging race. Players who'd rather have a more durable spellcaster should consider the Elea, Eulderna and Lich races. For a durable ranged warrior, see Juere.


Racial FeatsEdit

You have outstanding resistances
Strong resistances to most types of magical attacks. Cold (3), Lightning (3), Darkness (5), Mind (5), Sound (2), Nerve (3), Chaos (3), Magic (4).
You can't wear equipment weighs more than 1s. [DV++]
Can't wear equipment that weighs more than 1.0s, but has a significant DV (50) bonus when wearing appropriate armor (Must have at least 1 piece equipped), plus a 25% bonus from the DV of each individual piece of equipment (e.g. A piece of equipment with 16 DV would actually give 20 DV).

Why should I pick Fairy as my race?Edit

  • Fairies have the potential to become the most powerful mages or ranged combatants in the game.
  • Low health and severely limited armor choices mean that you will start the game weak, and probably without any good weapon. Fortunately, good charisma means you can try to compensate for this with pets early on. Later in the game, if you have plenty of blessed change material scrolls, especially if you have jeweler to craft them with, you can try to make plenty of spirit cloth equipment that will be light enough to wear while still providing good defense.
  • A fairy's bonus to DV is permanent and unique - you can gain 25% + 50 more DV than any other race, which can eventually tally up to evasion rates that keep you perfectly safe where others would have died.
  • Against magic, resistances are all that really matter, and fairies have them in spades, far more than any other race, and covering a broader range of elements. You'll be hard-pressed to get equipment with enough resistances to cover all the resistances fairies can get.
  • Low life may initially be a problem, but there are ways to get around that - the ascetic feats give players an early life advantage, and eating hero cheese can gain you more.
  • Meanwhile, you start with an innate speed bonus that other races will envy - even if you have low life, you can simply outrun attackers and stay at a range.
  • A fairy may seem best-suited to be a wizard, with their huge magic attributes and skills focused on magic, but they also make excellent hybrid classes, especially with an archer for ranged damage that doesn't rely exclusively upon spell stocks. Getting a good bow or gun you can carry may require plenty of meddling with materials, however.
  • One of the most potent long-term builds, however, is the fairy pianist or farmer. Putting off combat skills even more than fairies already do, (you will need pets to save you from even common putits) you can focus upon platinum-gathering and crafting skills that can eventually make you unstoppable later in the game.

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