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Eye of Mind is a perception based skill that increases your chance of getting a critical hit. While the chance is not so good, criticals do bonus damage and always hit, unless your enemy has Greater Evasion.

In Elona+, Eye of Mind has become a Will-based skill. The Elona+ version of the Predator class also knows Eye of Mind.

It is trained whenever you score a critical hit, be it by "It increases your chance to score a critical hit" equipment, or in Elona+, scoring a critical hit with the Stealth skill, or even better with the Thief's Class Feat that makes each of your hits while undetected, to be critical.

Trained skillEdit

You may only learn Eye of Mind from the fighters guild trainer at Port Kapul.



  • None


  • #eyeof or #eyemi will increase Eye of Mind by 1 level and train its potential.

Critical chance in Elona+ Edit

The following is adapted from Ano's blog.

Without taking into account the Obstinate feat, predator class bonus, dim, Charge Attack, Zero Shoot and other bonuses/penalties, only one of the following two requirements need to be fulfilled for an attack to be a critical attack:

  1. Perception + 50 > Random number(0 to 4999)
  2. Critical bonus x 2 + 10 > Random number (0 to 399) + Random number (0 to weight bonus + 1) x 2 + critical reduction equipment attribute

Critical bonus: total equipment attribute strength / 50 + (Eye of Mind)0.5. Capped at 30.
Examples of critical bonus from equipment attributes: Axe of Destruction gives 15, Kill Kill Piano gives 9.
Weight bonus: Weight of weapon or ammo (integer part only) x 50. Lower limit 0, upper limit 200.
Critical reduction equipment attribute: attribute strength / 50. Capped at 30.
Example of critical reduction from equipment attributes: Spadille gives 15.

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