"Eulderna always suffers from huge deficits, but it never really seems to slow them down.  They can't just invent money like that forever." -NPC

Eulderna is one of the most ancient kingdoms in the game. They were also the first country to explore and research the ruins of Nefia, the original race of Irva. It is one of the superpowers in the world, and has a hostile rivalry with the younger kingdom of Yerles. Their experience had also led the Eulderna to have a higher charisma stat than the Yerles. Members of this country are a playable race, and they are noted for their egotism and elitism. They are further described as perfectionists and are a very magic focused race, which reflects on their high magic attribute and resistance to it. Their economy seems to suffer regularly, forcing them to inflate their currency. It seems that Eulderna runs on an aristocratic monarchy.

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