Eulderna is one of the most ancient races in Sierra Terre. Egoism and elitism dominate every thought behind actions of these perfectionists. They, are suitable to caster or hybrid classes as they are adept at magics and using magical devices. Euldernas have resistance to magic.


Eulderna (エウダーナ, eudāna) are pretty much the "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" of the magic-centric classes.


Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Normal 3-6
Icon-constitution Constitution Normal 4-7
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Normal 4-7
Icon-perception Perception Good 5-10
Icon-learning Learning Not Bad 4-8
Icon-will Will Good 5-10
Icon-magic Magic Great 6-12
Icon-charisma Charisma Not Bad 4-8
Speed 70
Life 100
Mana 100

Trained skillsEdit

Racial featsEdit

You have resistance to magic.
Grants resistance to magic (2).

Why should I pick Eulderna as my race?Edit

  • Among the magic-centric classes, Euldernas are the one without any weaknesses and the one with the best starting skills for a hybrid class, as these classes tend to struggle with accessing high-level spells and at maintaining damaging spells developed. Trained Literacy and Magic Device are very helpful for them.
  • Comparatively with the other balanced caster race, the Elea, Euldernas have better Life and magic resist, while Elea get better Mana and endurance to mana reaction (i.e. can easily deal with overcasting). Eleas have training in caster skills that are harder to obtain for non-wizards (Memorization and Magic Capacity), which are useful for Farmers and Pianists intending to become full wizards, but less useful than Literacy and Magic Device for hybrid combatants, who spend little spell stock and mana.
  • Resistance to magic is rare and valuable, and the only other race that provides it, the Fairy, is the one with two pronounced weaknesses: cannot equip items weighting more than 1.0s and starts with low Life. Euldernas have protection to it (worth a 50% damage reduction without other items or mutations) without giving up flexibility or heavy weapons.
  • Eulderna isn't really the best option for those who want a focused wizard character, as they have a lower starting Mana value than the other three caster-centric races and will, therefore, run out of mana faster. If you want to focus purely on spells with this race, consider picking the Magical Gene feats early on to offset it and abuse your starting Magic Device to extend your virtual spell usage. 

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