Most equipment are randomly generated and can have almost any combination of attributes. A few, such as damage and hit bonus, can be changed through special means of changing the material. Some materials intrinsically grant resistances or bonus to stats that can be lost when changing the material. The other attributes are locked after the item is generated. Some are rare or may only be found on artifacts. Some will only appear on certain equipment types.

Numbers signs (up to [#####+]) sometimes appears next to the attribute. This represents how potent it is, and/or how often it occurs.

Any immunities to certain status effects which have been granted by equipment will be listed on the last page of "Feats and Traits" section of the character sheet (accessed with the F key).

Each randomly generated attribute also has a rank associated with it (-1 to 3, or 99), which describes how often and how many different attributes of that rank will appear on one item. Ranks 0-3 are somewhat standard enchantments, while rank -1 denotes a curse attribute and rank 99 attributes tend to be rare or especially powerful. Note that certain attributes only appear on certain equipment types.

-No more than one rank 99 attribute will randomly generate on an item (including living weapons), except on Eternal force weapons, which can be generated with two. (grenade's invoke grenade does not count toward the limit)

-Living weapon level-ups and the black cat's lick ability can only add rank 0-3 attributes.

-Certain enchantments (+stat/skill/resistance, etc) have a random chance of multiplying their magnitude by -1 on generation. For cursed items, magnitude may be multiplied by -1.5 (rank 0,1,2 attributes) or -2.5 (rank 0 or 1 only).

-Rank -1 will only appear on cursed items.

For a list of spells that can be invoked by weapons, see invoke.

Attributes Edit

It weighs _s
Item-basicIt is made of (Material)
Item-basicIt is precious
Item-basicIt it has essential nutrients to heal your (stat).
Not randomly generated on items. Will have an effect only on food. Eating food with this will recover potential for said attribute by an amount dependent on the attribute strength. (Elona+ attribute only.)
Item-basicIt is a stolen item
cannot be stolen. cannot change the material. cannot be wished for except in wizard mode. cannot be inherited. cannot be sold at shops.
Item-basicIt is alive (level, exp)
weapons only. gains experience with attacks. must 'use' it to level it up once it has gained enough exp. gains new attributes on leveling. can gain negative attributes. material type can only be changed with material kits, not scrolls.
Item-basicIt is (fireproof/acidproof)
it cannot be damaged by fire or acid.
Item-weaponIt can be wielded as a weapon (damage, pierce%)
Item-weaponIt modifies hit bonus by _ and damage bonus by _
Item-weaponIt is a (heavy/light) weapon
Non-light weapons incur huge to-hit penalties when dual wielded unless at least one shield is equipped.
Heavy weapons also incur huge to-hit penalties when riding or when equipped with a shield.
Item-armorIt modifies DV by _ and PV by _
Item-specialIt invokes (spell/special action) - Rank 99
See Invoke
Item-specialIt deals (special) damage - Rank 1
Item-maintainIt maintains (stat) - Rank 0
Stat cannot be reduced by special means. the stat can still be raised. If the equipment is made edible and eaten, it increases the potential of the stat for 2000 turns or until you vomit.
Item-skillIt improves your/grants you knowledge of (skill) - Rank 0
While different skills have different types of flavor for this effect, the effect is the same.
Item-curseIt decreases your (skill) - Rank 0
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to (resistance type) - Rank 2
Item-curseIt weaken[sic] your resistance to (resistance type) - Rank 2
Item-statIt increases your (stat) by _ - Rank 1
Item-curseIt decreases your (stat) by _ - Rank 1
If the equipment is made edible and eaten, it trains or abuses the stat.
Item-specialIt negates the effect of (status effect) - Rank 1 (Rank 2 paralysis and poison only)
may still be affected by the status effect when induced by certain means (ex: bad weather)
Item-specialIt can be loaded with (special ammo) - Rank 1
appears on ammo only
Item-specialIt it allows quick shooting - Rank 1(?)
appears only on ranged weapons, seems to allow the user to retaliate when shot.
Item-specialIt floats you - Rank 1
immunity from certain ground hazards, such as acid puddles.
Item-specialIt protects you from mutation - Rank 3
protection is not immunity (80% chance to resist mutation).
Item-specialIt protects you from etherwind - Rank 3
protection is not immunity.
Item-specialIt protects from cursing words - Rank 99
protection is not immunity. includes curses from dreams.
Item-specialIt protects you from thieves - Rank 99
protects against the Malicious Hand special action/random event. (Elona+: also protects against the Scavenge special action)
Item-specialIt prevents aliens from entering your body - Rank 1
prevents getting pregnant.
Item-specialIt prevents you from teleporting - Rank 1
cannot teleport by any means. overrides causes random teleport.
Item-curseIt causes random teleport - Rank -1
Item-basicIt speeds up the ether disease while equipped.
only comes associated with ether material.
Item-specialIt negates the effects of being stranded by bad weather - Rank 2
Item-specialIt allows you to see invisible creatures - Rank 2 (likely only on rings and helmets)
Item-curseIt disturbs your growth - Rank -1
occasional experience loss, both randomly (might not work, giving it instead), and after events that would increase experience. Cannot lose a level (go below 0 exp).
Item-specialIt speeds up your travel progress - Rank 3
on the worldmap, and adds speed.
Item-specialIt gives you a chance to throw an absolute piercing attak[sic] - Rank 99
attack ignores PV. Attacks which ignore PV are preceded with "*vopal*"
Item-specialIt increases your chance to deliver critical hits - Rank 99
Item-specialIt sometimes nullifies damage you take - Rank 2, shields
See Nullify damage
Item-specialIt decreases physical damage you take - Rank 1, shields
Item-specialIt occasionally stops time - Rank 99
4% chance to stop time, duration is based on attribute power / 100 + 2, max of 6 turns.
Item-curseIt attracts monsters - Rank -1
monsters will appear out of nowhere near the wielder on local maps.
Item-specialIt enhances your spells - Rank 3, melee weapon only
Caps at 2x spell power (1500 enchant power), also effects rods.
Item-specialIt absorbs (stamina/MP) from an enemy - Rank 99
Item-specialIt allows you to digest rotten food. - Rank 99
Item-curseIt sucks blood of the wielder - Rank -1
Item-curseIt sucks the MP of the wielder - Rank -1
Item-specialIt diminishes bleeding - Rank 3, neck, waist
Item-specialIt combine fire and cold spells - Rank 99
Item-specialIt inflicts massive damage to (creature type) - Rank 2
It only applies to god, dragon and undead. No matter how many #, it still only inflicts 50% the original damage as an extra damage.
Item-specialIt catches signals from god - Rank 0
receive flavor text from chosen god. no effect if no god has been chosen (Eyth of Infidel).
Item-specialIt brings an end. - Rank 99
only activated when attacking. When triggered, it will set off a massive graphical explosion in your area with the flavor text: "lets Ragnarok!", set huge part of map on fire, summon a swarm of dragon and giant NPCs and start Etherwind. Explosion is purely cosmetical, but fires, monsters and Etherwind unfortunately not. Even through ragnarok's Etherwind is significantly shorter than a "real" one, its still relative: it can be as short as one hour or as long as two days. If you started ragnarok then any neutral NPCs in the area that were scorched by fires will turn hostile, since you are the one who takes the blame for it.
Item-specialIt increases the quality of reward. - Rank 100
Item-specialIt increases the chance of extra melee attack - Rank 3, ring, neck
Item-specialIt increases the chance of extra ranged attack - Rank 3, ring, neck
Item-specialIt reveals religion - Rank 0
Reveals the religion of NPCs when you speak to them. No practical use.
Item-specialthe enemy dies
Invokes death sentence on attacked enemies. Has an extremely low chance of activation. it appears on every "eternal force" equipment. See Eternal force
Item-specialIt makes audience drunk with haunting tones. - Rank 100
Using the item inflicts the Drunk status effect on nearby NPCs. Appears on Gould's Piano.
Item-specialIt deals cut damage to the attacker. - Rank 3, shield, body
Cuts enemies that physically attack its wearer.
Item-specialIt deals magic damage to the magic attacker. - Rank 3, back, shield
Deals magic damage to enemies that magically attack its wearer. - Rank 3 (Elona+ attribute only.)
Item-specialIt makes possible to remote blow. - Rank 100, whip, chainsickle
Adds a Distant Attack action when equipped and enables you to fire a distant attack within the range of 4. (Elona+ attribute only.)
Item-specialIt decreases enemy chance to deliver critical hits. - Rank 99 (Elona+ attribute only.)
Item-specialIt provides an interlocking shooting mechanism. - Rank 99, melee, feet, back (Elona+ attribute only.)
Causes a 2-turn evasion penalty to the opponent. Damage is based on your normal attack damage, your marksman skill, the enchantment strength that ignores PV.
Item-specialIt provides a proximity assist weapon. - Rank 99, ranged, feet, hand (Elona+ attribute only.)
Causes a 2-turn defense penalty to the opponent. Damage is based on normal attack damage, tactics skill, and enchantment strength that ignores PV.
Item-specialIt change mana to attack power. - Rank 100, Blood rod only (Elona+ attribute only.)
Consumes 5% of your current MP if you are above 20MP, and adds 0.5% of your MP to your attack dice (up to 200)

Chance of extra melee/ranged attack in Elona+ Edit

The following is adapted from Ano's blog.

Calculation for chance of first extra melee/ranged attack:

  • With class bonus: extra attack occurs if
random number(0 to 99) < random number(0 to calculated attribute strength x 2 + 1) + 5
  • Without class bonus: extra attack occurs if
random number(0 to 99) < random number(0 to calculated attribute strength x 2 + 1)

Calculation for chance of second extra melee/ranged attack and onwards:

  • Extra attack will occur if
random number(0 to 99) + (number of hands + 10) x number of extra attacks have already occurred < calculated attribute strength x 2 + 1

Calculated attribute strength = sum of extra melee/ranged attack equipment attribute strength across all equipment pieces / 15.

Number of hands = 0 if using martial arts without a shield. Is also 0 in Elona+ 1.62 and later when number of hands is 2 or fewer.

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