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ElonaAABFBF CEFFHPElona+Elona+ CustomElxEtgLomMEMewmewOmakeLSDMMATrashThrowBabyOmake overhaulModifyOrehackElmURWElona variants timeline
About this image
Time period during which Elona and some Elona variants were/are under active development. Click on the variant names to visit their respective pages on the wiki.

Not all Elona variants are featured in this diagram or on this wiki. Unlisted variants include Elona hacked, hacked_PLUS, m, m fish, sss fixed, 観賞用, 個別グラ差し替え, 台詞改造, E3, food, FFH, FFH2, ADDT, ElonaME, Elona_NS, Elona_Next, Elona Alpha, parasite, MMA hack, ElonaBra, Elona_t, and Elona BCF. See here for the data used to plot the figure.

What are Elona variants?Edit

Development on Elona stopped in May 2010.

Third party developers with access to the source code have since made their own modifications on the game. These variants of Elona that they have created are called Elona variants.

These variants fix bugs, add new features, new monsters, items, spells, quests, and storyline, and may differ significantly from official Elona.

Makeshift overview of some variantsEdit

Which one do I play?Edit

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