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Welcome to Elona Wiki
The wiki about Elona - Eternal League of Nefia that anyone can edit

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The latest stable version of Elona is 1.16 and is available here.
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Elona discontinued... Sort of

19 May 2011 - An overdue update

Noa has ceased his development of Elona [1][2]. This is not the end of Elona, however. An Elona user, jdstroy, is hard at work at creating a Java port of Elona. This will NOT be a short process. But it will get done someday. Want to help speed the project up? Visit the wiki page, contact jdstroy, check out the forum, and help out!

Latest news


19 June 2010 - Blowing the dust off

This isn't new news, but to replace the old news: Beta is up to version 1.22 and there is a graphics pack for customizing your character. You can visit the site for links to either.

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  • An unannotated map of North Tyris for 1.17/8 is available here.

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The area where the game takes place is called North Tyris.


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