Increases Max HP by 5.
Cost: 240 base; afterward, price = price of previous level + (HP * 0.8)
Upkeep: 2 per HP
Provides 5% damage absorption per level, max 50%.
Cost: 1000 + (level² * 240)
Upkeep: 40 per level
Gives you +1 inventory slot per upgrade.
Cost: 370 + ??? per level
Upkeep: 40 per level
Allows you to recruit a second or third ally.
Cost: 2000 for level 1, 5000 for level 2
Upkeep: 50 per level
Increases the quality of dropped items by 13% + 8% per level. This may be broken, as it seems to have no effect.
Cost: 300 + (level² * 125)
Upkeep: 5 per level
Repairs 2HP each wave. Helpful for getting perfect rounds, but expensive to maintain.
Cost: 700 + (level² * 250)
Upkeep: 60 per level
Increases the amount of experience your party gets by 7% + 3-5% per level.
Cost: 250 + (level² * 180)
Upkeep: None
Increases the shop's inventory space by 1 per upgrade. Buying this will also restock the shop.
Cost: 200 + (level² * 80)
Upkeep: None
Provides roughly 6-8 coins per medal after each round. Each upgrade increase this by 30%.
Cost: 2000 + 150 per level
Upkeep: 15 per level
Allows you to spend 1 AP harvesting eggs once per day for money. The chicken medals and the Breeder skill can increase the amount you get. Eggs sell for 20.8 each.
Cost: 20 + ~7 per level
Upkeep: None
Each wave, bomb-carrying sisters are launched into the battlefield. When shot, they explode and deal damage to the surrounding enemies. The Love skill gives you money for each sister exploded.
Cost: 250 + 100 per level
Upkeep: None
Allows you to spend 3 AP once per day on a party to give your team a damage bonus (10% per level) during the next round. Very important, especially past day 40.
Cost: 2500 + (level² * 180)
Upkeep: None
Allows you to spend 4 AP per session to train a random skill on a random ally. Increased levels allow each character an additional training session.
Cost: 2500 + (level² * 400)
Upkeep: None

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