The Elona Chat Viewer or EloChat is a simple program created by Noa that downloads Elona related logs from the web. It was released on July 20, 2008. The logs are predominantly used for announcing deaths and wishes but may also be used for sending messages. These messages may also seen in game, but are easily missed. Chat messages may be sent from in game using the Tab key.

Logs in EloChat are displayed as ## [date] (time): [message] where the time is the current hour in Japan (UTC+9)


  • Language
    • English downloads and displays the English log.
    • Japanese downloads and displays the Japanese log.
    • Reload Both causes both logs to be downloaded regardless of which is being displayed.
  • Filter
    • Filter Chat filters out chat messages.
    • Filter Wish filters out wishes.
    • Filter Death filters out deaths.
  • Options
    • Max Log sets the log size to 30, 60, 100, 150, 300 or 1000 lines.
    • Font Size sets the font size to 10 to 16 point.
    • Fetch Log toggles whether the log is updated automatically?
    • Show No toggles whether to display the log line number.

In-game logsEdit

Inter-game deaths are shown at the beginning of a session of a game if the option is enabled. Chat messages are filtered from the main window by default, but pressing / will show the log window and all Chat messages can be seen by pressing 7 from the log window.

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