The Elona+ mod of Elona keeps the main game intact, but has updated some of the important NPC graphics. Because some of the sprites and portraits were imported from RPGmaker, they ended up being very distorted. The portraits and sprites have been totally redone, and portraits have been added for many characters that either didn't have one or didn't have a unique one. Because very few changes have actually been done to the characters, these are included here.

There are updated portraits for cutscene only characters as well, but since those portions are not in the English version, these are not included.

The portraits for unique male and females that cannot be chosen by players start at position 32. If a character is female, portrait 0 for them starts at 80, which means the uniques start at 112.

Sprite numbers have not changed. They are aligned as in the game with a 48x48 sprite. To replace a character in another version with these, just replace the transparent portions with pure black (RGB 0,0,0).

List of sprite and portrait updatesEdit

Male NPCsEdit

NPC name Sprite Portrait number Portrait
<Gilbert> the carnel 370-Gilbert(Elona ) 33 P033-GilbertTheCarnel
<Arnord> the injured soldier 383-Arnord(Elona ) 36 P036-ArnordTheInjuredSoldier
<Marks> the great thief 394-Marks(Elona ) 37 P037-MarksTheGreatThief
<Conery> Palmian major general 403-Conery(Elona ) 39 P039-ConeryPalmianMajorGeneral
<Renton> the suffering wizard 391-Renton(Elona ) 40 P040-RentonTheSufferingWizard
<Opatos> of Earth No change 46 P046-OpatosOfEarth
<Mani> of Machine No change 47 P047-ManiOfMachine
<Loyter> the crimson of Zanan 337-Loyter(Elona ) 49 P049-LoyterTheCrimsonOfZanan
<Whom dwell in the vanity> 334-WhomDwellInTheVanity(Elona ) 50 P050-WhomDwellInTheVanity
<Orphe> the chaos child 331-Orphe(Elona ) 51 P51-OrpheTheChaosChild
<Zeome> the false prophet No change 53 P053-ZeomeTheFalseProphet
<Xabi> the king of Palmia 116-Xabi(Elona ) 55 P055-KingXabi

<Slan> the shadow of Palmia

<Karam> the lonely wolf of Karune

099-SlanAndKaram 56 P056-SlanTheShadow
<Lomias> the messenger from Vindale 346-Lomias(Elona ) 57 P057-LomiasTheMessengerFromVindale
<Kumiromi> of Harvest No change 62 P062-KumiromiOfHarvest
<Balzak> the janiator 192-Balzak(Elona ) 64 P064-BalzakTheJaniator(sic)

<Doria> the fighter watchman

<Abyss> the thief watchman

<Lexus> the guild watchman

196-GuildWatchman(Elona ) 66 P066-GuildReporter
<Revlus> the mage guildmaster 193-Revlus(Elona ) 67 P067-RevlusTheMageGuildmaster
<Sin> the thief guildmaster 197-Sin(Elona ) 68 P068-SinTheThiefGuildmaster
<Raphael> the womanizer 361-Raphael(Elona ) 69 P069-RaphaelTheWomanizer
<Tam> the cat hater 366-Tam(ElonaPlus) 70 P070-TamTheCatHater
<Icolle> the biologist 263-Icolle 71 P071-IcolleTheBiologist

<Moyer> the crooked

(non-unique sprite)

023-MoyerTheCrooked(Elona ) 75 P075-MoyerTheCrooked

<The Leopard Warrior>

(Elona beta versions)

478-TheLeopardWarrior(ElonaPlus) None None
<Dungeon cleaner> 344-DungeonCleaner(ElonaPlus) None None

<Ainc> the novice knight

(non-unique portrait)

362-Ainc(Elona ) 8 P018-Guard

Female NPCsEdit

"NPC name "Sprite "Portrait number "Portrait

<Rilian> the dog lover

(non-unique portrait)

365-Rilian(ElonaPlus) 16 P96(f16)-RilianTheDogLover.
<Mia> the cat freak 388-Mia(ElonaPlus) 34 P114(f34)-MiaTheCatFreak
Younger sister 105-YoungerSister 39 P119-YoungerSister
<Strange Scientist> 412-StrangeScientist(ElonaPlus) 46 P126(f46)-StrangeScientist
<Shena> the draw 109-Shena(ElonaPlus) 49 P129(f49)-ShenaTheDraw
<Miches> the apprentice 008-Miches(ElonaPlus) 50 P130(f50)-MichesTheApprentice
<Isca> the fallen angel 333-Isca(Elona ) 51 P130(f50)-IscaTheFallenAngel

<Larnneire> the listener of wind

(portrait has moved)

345-Larnneire(ElonaPlus) 52 P131(f51)-LarnierreTheListenerOfWind
<Noel> the bomber 199-Noel(ElonaPlus) 53 P132(f52)-NoelTheBomber
<Stersha> the queen of Palmia 117-Stersha(ElonaPlus) 54 P133(f53)-StershaTheQueen
<Erystia> the scholar of history 340-Erystia(ElonaPlus) 55 P134(f54)-ErystiaTheScholar
<Lulwy> of Wind No change 58 P138(f58)-LulwyOfWind
<Ehekatl> of Luck No change 60 P140(f60)-EhekatlOfLuck
<Jure> of Healing No change 61 P141(f61)-JureOfHealing
Lonely <Pael> 358-Pael(ElonaPlus) 62 P142(f62)-LonelyPael
Pael's mom Lily 359-Lily(ElonaPlus) 63 P143(f63)-Pael&#039;sMomLily
Pael's mom Lily (Diseased) 360-DiseasedLily(ElonaPlus) None None
<Fray> the fighter guildmaster 080-Fray(ElonaPlus) 64 P144(f64)-FreyTheFighterGuildmater
<Gwen> the innocent 356-Gwen(ElonaPlus) None None

<Silvia> the princess

(Elona beta versions)

479-Silvia(ElonaPlus) None None

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