Elea, known by the other peoples of the world as "Elf's", live quietly in their forests, far from man. Nimble and graceful, their bows are of legend, and their wizards have forgotten more magic than many will ever know. Still, the young ones from time to time leave and go on adventures, if only to fill their memories for their long lives.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Normal 3-6
Icon-constitution Constitution Normal 3-6
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Not Bad 4-8
Icon-perception Perception Not Bad 4-8
Icon-learning Learning Not Bad 4-8
Icon-will Will Great 6-12
Icon-magic Magic Great 7-13
Icon-charisma Charisma Good 5-10
Speed 70
Life 90
Mana 110

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

You take less damage from the mana reaction.
50% damage reduction from mana reaction.
Your body slows the Ether Disease progress.
Slower progression of the Ether Disease.

Why should I pick Elea as my race?Edit

  • Aside from role-play reasons of being the race closest to the etherwinds (although the two Vindale messengers do not react differently to you), Elea start out with high magic, will, and the skills you will need to be a mage innately besides Literacy.
  • While this may seem most conducive to a pure caster (and it is), since it is often difficult to start out as a mage, Elea can also do quite well as a class specialized in other skills, such as thief, archer, or claymore, and be a functional hybrid class based upon a martial job class combined with a magic racial ability set. With a decent capability in light armor and ranged or high-agility melee, Elea can use magic unrestricted by heavy armor, and save it for tougher enemies.
  • Pianists and farmers can also do well, using their starting job-skills to raise the money for the spellbooks it takes to be a heavy caster later, and Elea pianists can have very high charisma to gain plenty of pets to screen off enemies from melee.
  • Dedicated mages can rely on the reduced damage from mana reaction to overcast in relative safety very early in the game, effectively increasing your maximum mana. This is practically impossible for other races due to the high amount of Magic Capacity needed to mitigate the damage to an acceptable amount and how slow it is to train this skill without this racial feat, since it levels faster the further you go into negative mana; Eleas can overcast on mana values that are lethal otherwise. It also makes training Magic Capacity as a whole significantly easier, which can be a good source for Will training.
  • In Elona+, there are a decent number of enemies that actively drain MP or have special abilities that outright force a mana reaction, meaning that halving the damage of these dangerous attacks gives Elea a significantly higher chance of surviving those attacks that are otherwise almost impossible to survive, provided they have decent Magic Capacity.
  • The other (and more long-term) major benefit of Elea are their innate resistance to ether corruption, which eases the pain of weapons like the Rail Gun, and reduces the danger of the etherwind.
  • Ultimately, in comparison to liches and Eulderna in terms of being a casting-centric race, the resistances and slight differences in stats can be compensated for in the long term, but ether resistance and mana reaction damage reduction are permanent and unique. It may be nearly impossible to catch up with a fairy's resistances and the large DV bonus fairies have, but Elea don't have the fairy's crippling weaknesses, either, and Elea can far more easily "multiclass" across many abilities, like taking up the warmage or priest's melee-and-magic style than a fairy can.

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