A Dwarf is a child of the earth. As tough and unyielding as the mountains they love, most Dwarves will live their whole lives underground, mining, smelting, and smithing. Some few leave the depths to become adventurers, hoping to make enough coin to start their own clan. Good with technology, and tough against things dark and poisonous.



Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength Strength Good 5-10
Icon-constitution Constitution Good 6-11
Icon-dexterity Dexterity Not Bad 4-8
Icon-perception Perception Normal 3-6
Icon-learning Learning Normal 3-6
Icon-will Will Normal 4-7
Icon-magic Magic Normal 3-6
Icon-charisma Charisma Normal 3-6
Speed 70
Life 100
Mana 100

Trained SkillsEdit

Racial FeatsEdit

You have strong resistance to poison.
Grants strong resistance to poison (3).
You have resistance to darkness.
Grants some resistance to darkness (2).


  • Dwarves do not have a unique name in the Japanese version, it is (oka-no-tami), which simply translates as People of the Hill.
  • It has been idly commented that Dwarves just don't seem to fit in and it may be worth reading Our Dwarves Are All The Same.

Why should I pick Dwarf as my race?Edit

  • Dwarves are tied with Golems as the strongest, and second only to golems in constitution. Meanwhile, golems have only 2/3rds the speed of a dwarf. If you want to go for a pure warrior type, dwarves have no drawbacks.  
  • All their skills are useful for just about any class. Jeweler lets you create scrolls of change material that can give you a massive advantage in combat by transforming weak bronze armor into outstanding griffon scale armor. Mining lets you bypass annoying land formations and rewards you with cash and the occasional small medal. Cooking is a vital skill for both not starving and gaining the most bonuses from your food.
  • Resistances are always useful, and rare enough that you need to take any you can find.

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