Defense line
370-Gilbert(Elona )
Carnel Gilbert of Yowyn asked me to help the Juere freedom force fight the Yerles Army. I should speak to him again when I'm ready.
Quest giver Gilbert the carnel
Location Yowyn
Rec. level 17
Requirements 5,000 fame
Task Kill all enemies inside the map and leave
Reward Hero cheese
10,000 gold
3 platinum coins
Defense Line Lv17

From: <Gilbert> the carnel, S field Yowyn, requires 5000 fame to begin

Reward: Hero cheese, 10000 gold, 3 platinum coins.

Task: Speak to the Carnel[sic] (Colonel?) again to be transported to another map. In this map, you and several Juere infantry take on a large number of Yerles machine infantry, Yerles elite machine infantry and Yerles self-propelled guns. Defeat all of the enemies and take the stairs in the northwest of the map to return to Yowyn and complete the quest.

Journal updates Edit

  • Quest accepted: Carnel[sic] Gilbert of Yowyn asked me to help the Juere freedom force fight the Yerles Army. I should speak to him again when I'm ready.
  • Inside map: I need to destroy the Yerles Army.
  • Quest complete: I've won the war. Now to bring the good news to carnel[sic] Gilbert.

Loot Edit

Strategies Edit

The Juere are outnumbered, and outgunned as well (literally). The Yerles' entrenched position combined with their ranged attacks will probably decimate the Juere, who seem to want to charge into melee. Be prepared to survive 20 or more laser blasts at once in case the Yerles decide to focus their fire on you. If you have access to Meteor you can get rid of everything but the machines at once, but doing so gives a massive karma loss.

Dialogue Edit

By Opatos! You are the famous (Player's nickname), are you not? I have a favor I'd like to ask of someone like you.
I am colonel[sic] of the Juere Liberation Army, Gilbert. We're not the true national army, but even so we fully intend to free the Juere Territories from their occupation by those Yerles dogs. However, our army is having a hard time breaking through their strong front lines on the Palmia border. We only have our swords against their advanced weapons, after all. If things go on like they are, our army might be totally annihilated. So I ask you, will you lend us your power?
(Hear him out.)
Mwahahaha! Good, good. We'll be counting on you. Once you've prepared, come speak to me again.
(Talk to him again)
Are your preparations complete, then?
They are.
Hahaha! I pray Opatos' favor be with you!
Not yet.
We're waiting on you.
(Don't get involved.)
Mwahahaha! You damn coward!
Muwahahaha! Muwahahahahaha! Mu-mu...wa...! *cough* *cough* My... My apologies. Your heroic figure striding the battlefield was so amazing that even I was shaken. With this, the Liberation Army can pass the borders of Palmia. Please accept this reward as my thanks.
Ah, the bravest of the brave. Care for a drink? Muwahaha!