This is a translation of one section of "elona/user/help.txt".

NPC graphicsEdit

NPC graphics can be customized without editing the base graphics file.

  • In any appropriate artwork program, create a 48x48 picture, with a black background, and draw the picture you want to replace.
  • Save the picture as chara_#.bmp in the elona/user/graphics folder, where # is the number of the sprite being replaced.
    • The numbers correspond to the NPC sprites from the elona/graphic/character.bmp sheet.
    • There are 33 columns and 25 rows of 48x48 boxes in character.bmp
    • Some example points; 4 is the little girl, 102 and 103 are respectively male/female beggars, and 168 is the putit. The gray box in the upper-left corner is 0, if you really want to change that.
    • For multi-tile creatures (ent, troll, giant, etc.), the upper and lower parts must be saved as individual files.

Pet graphicsEdit

Pet graphics can be customized without changing the graphics of monsters of the same type and without editing the base graphics file by:

1) Put a 48x48 black background .bmp in elona/user/graphics named Pic_#.bmp where the number is between 2 and 16. Or put a 48x96 black background .bmp there with a number from 17 to 32.

2) Interact with your pet with 'i' and choose option e 'shape change'. A box will pop up prompting you to type a number. Type the # of the picture you want your pet to change to.

Possible issuesEdit

When exporting from GIMP to .bmp format you must check the "Compatibility Options -> Do not write color space information" box. If you do not, the program will crash on startup (Version 1.40fix2).

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