As of Elona version 1.16 reloaded, it is possible to create custom NPCs for insertion into a game of Elona and into the current map via the F8 menu (thus, this cannot be done in wizard mode). This requires the user to choose an appropriately sized sprite and a text file of the format shown by the example of npc_template.txt in the Elona user folder.


If you use a monster ball in capturing a custom NPC, you will gain a monster ball(user). The specification of which custom NPC captured is not saved, so when the ball is used, it will pick a custom NPC that you've imported/made randomly, rather than summoning the exact NPC you captured.

Dominating custom NPCs will properly add that NPC to your party.

Unusual propertiesEdit

(Observed in Elona+ 1.47 and 1.48)

All custom NPCs are represented by "user" creature, so they drop body parts of user. This leads to some unusual behavior. For most purposes they behave like normal NPCs, but during arena, challenge, and panic quests, the type is chosen randomly after entering the map. They are described as unknown monster during challenge quests, user during panic quests and a randomly picked custom NPC of appropriate level in arena. But the type is chosen later. Not a problem during challenge and panic quests because of level scaling, but in arena an offered level 100 monster can instead be level 10 or level 300 (if you have created NPCs of these levels) so be careful in arena. Their quality (normal, miracle, godly...) is hardcoded and overrides spawn setting (don't get godly quality on high arena ranks and during challenge quests unless you have it hardcoded). They don't properly scale in level in The Void, but scale in level during quests, in awakened dungeons and Cradle of Chaos.

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