Red book

Crimberry Addiction and You

A Schmidt Education Pamphlet

(3 pages)

Every year more and more people are becoming addicted to the seemingly harmless Crimberry.

Known by an ancient Nefian dialect as Kur-amu-beri, which should just go to show its long and sordid history with our land and peoples, the Crimberry is a strong hallucinogen with many different applications.

Simply eating a berry can cause the following symptoms in 15 to 60mins:

- Hallucinations

- Impairment like Drunkenness

- Raving like a loon

- Fever-like motor-control failure.

Crimberry's are highly addictive, and should the addict fail to get his next "Crim", he will either turn to other narcotics, or become a threat to our community.

And of course, no one thinks of the poor children who get involved in our seemingly "adult" activities. They've even created a new way to "enjoy" the devilish berries;

They copy the wild yeeks and dry them then shove the dried berry up their nose. This "snorting" of Crimberries will lead to the proliferation of excess agression, and will lead more desparate individuals to become known as "adventurers" commiting insane deeds to get their next fix.

While some of the older, long haired Wizards demand that Crimberries remain legalized, if only for their sacred "rituals", this must stop!




Petition the King!

Notes Edit

  • Previous to Elona+, it was actually impossible to find crimberries in edible state.
  • Eating a crimberry does in fact cause the described symptoms (inflicts Drunk, Insane and Confusion status).
  • You will see town children drink crim ale and eating crimberries, as their AI treats them like any other NPC.
  • This text is an obvious parody of parental advisory campaigns and moral guardians. Considering how mad the world of Elona already is, the joke becomes more self-evident.

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